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Czech News in English » Life » Arts » Salgado's photographs on display at Prague Castle

Salgado’s photographs on display at Prague Castle

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Prague, June 1 (CTK) – Some 250 black-and-white photographs of the wild, sea and the natives from various parts of the world by Brazilian Sebastiao Salgado, 73, are presented at his exhibition in the Royal Summer Palace at Prague Castle.

The public can see it as of Friday.

Salgado worked on this collection of photographs called Genesis for seven years.

He has taken majestic pictures of the Arctic wasteland and deserts, tropic virgin forests full of life and wild animals.

The exhibition is divided into five circles according to geographic areas of their origin: Protected Areas, South of the Planet, Africa, the Amazon Basin and Northern Territories.

Genesis is about the search for the world as it used to be, as it was developing and existed for thousands of years before the modern life sped up and started to distance itself from the mere essence of human existence, exhibition curator Lelia Wanick Salgado said.

This is a touring exhibition. It is held in the Czech Republic by the Prague Castle Administration and the Czech Federation of Photographic Art.

Salgado’s photographs have been displayed in the Czech Republic many times.

Salgado, born in Minas Gerais, Brazil, in 1944, is one of the most famous Brazilian and world photographers. Since the beginning, he has focused on big projects thanks to which he became a star.

He was mapping the life of the natives in Latin America and Africa and the world migration waves. His photographs show people in advanced countries spoilt by consumerism that human life has lost its value completely in the countries like Rwanda, Nigeria and Bosnia.

Salgado studied economics in Sao Paulo and he left for Paris in 1969. He started to work as a photographer in 1973. He gradually cooperated with the Sygma and Gamma agencies and was a member of the Magnum Photos association.

He has received more than 50 international awards for his photographs. He established his own agency Amazonas Images in 1994. He mainly works on his own long-term social project. He published his humanitarian photographs in six books.

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