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Alice Merton returning to Prague this month

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Alice Merton is coming back to Prague for a concert scheduled for February 21st. The 26 year-old German born singer has released her first full album called Mint in January 2019. During the year she wrote several songs and on October 18th 2019 released a hybrid version of the original album titled “Mint + 4”. The four additional songs include “PCH,” “Back to Berlin,” “Keeps me Awake,” and the popular single “Easy.” Concertgoers will have the opportunity to hear the full range of the singer’s ensemble. It will be Merton’s only second concert in Prague, and the last one on 15.9.2018 was sold out. So get your tickets here:

Merton’s claim to fame came with her hit single “No Roots.” A lot of expats can relate to the story. Although born in Germany, Merton grew up in various cities in the USA, Canada and Great Britain. Anton Wolken chose the best words to describe the rise of the star in a recent article/press release looking back on the lightning fast past few years: “The past three years after the release of her first single, “No Roots,” could fill an entire career: The show at Coachella, the US talk-show appearances, being a judge at The Voice of Germany, 7x Platinum, US-Gold, 430 million streams, and the release of their album “MINT” in January 2019. All done independent, everything homemade!”

The concert is part of the Colours Selection series and is sure to be a full night out!

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