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Czech News in English » Life » Arts » Sounds at former Czech synagogue to be recorded

Sounds at former Czech synagogue to be recorded

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Olomouc, North Moravia, Nov 6 (CTK) – Representatives of the Arts Museum (MU) will be continually recording the sounds at the place where a local synagogue was situated, MU spokesman Tomas Kasal told journalists on Monday.

With the recording of the sounds, they want to highlight the former building that was of major importance for local Jews, Kasal said, adding that volunteers could join the project.

The project is part of the exhibition Olomouc Synagogue, Kasal said.

The sounds will be recorded between Friday, 15:30 and Saturday, 17:15.

“We will be recording the sounds at the present-day Palachovo namesti square, where a beautiful synagogue was located until 1939,” Marek Soban, from the museum, said.

“We will try to recall the non-existent building and mediate its genius loci to the visitors to the exhibition. They will be able to listen to the recording we will make,” Soban said.

The museum opened the exhibition tracking down the beauty and tragic fate of the synagogue in mid-October.

The synagogue was finished 1897. The Nazi regime burnt it down on the first day of its occupation of Bohemia and Moravia, on March 15, 1939.

The exhibition, describing the importance of the local Jewish community, is opened until January 7.

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