Pasta Oner is back to Prague gallery after four years to beat the success of the Art is Truth exhibit in DSC Gallery 2017. The artist known for his mural arts around Czech Republic and pop-art cartoon aesthetic presents The 20th Century Cabinet solo exhibit in the spacious rooms of a historical villa in Prague 6.

The exhibit is inspired by the nostalgia of the ‘golden 90s era’ and the passage to the new century of rapidly developing capitalism. Through his works Pasta Oner comments on the epoch of consumerism and modern society using the unique style, unambiguous symbolism and experimenting with various materials. The artist draws a parallel with a Cabinet of Curiosities (German Wunderkammer), the remarkable rare objects collections including works of art in the houses of European aristocracy of the Renaissance, that is how the exhibition was given a name.

Czech contemporary visual art scene is diverse and Pasta Oner is one of its distinctive representatives. Once a progressive young graffiti artist, the pioneer of street art in 90s, now Zdeněk Řanda displays his works in the finest galleries all over Czech Republic and Slovakia. Prestigious fine arts brokers such as Sotheby’s sell the artist’s large canvas paintings for tens of thousands GBP. Řanda is in his early 40s which allowed him to witness all of the drastic changes the country went through for the last 30 years. He recalls communism, the Revolution, the rise of capitalism and successfully draws inspiration from the experience of his adolescence, his works simply reflect the realities of past decades. Some might see the mockery of capitalism and critique of spiritual decadence, however the artist himself refers to his works as an non judgemental and unbiased reflection of the world we live in.

“I never try to say this was good or this was bad, I am a part of this. It is important to realise that the past 20 years were a peak of contemporary civilisation and we should appreciate that we were able to witness it. From the perspective of the billions of years of planet’s evolution we are here just for a jiff, we are here accidentally. The tree is eventually going to outlive you twice longer” said the artist.

The 20th Century Cabinet exhibit is located on the three floors of the eminent villa Pelle. The neo-renaissance building of the 19th beginning of 20th century, once owned by the family of English Brewery holders, is now a notable Gallerie Villa Pelle. It finally opens its doors for art lovers after a tough year. The exhibit displays nearly 60 works of an artist, created during the past two years. It presents five thematic twisted series of various art techniques. The introductory section presents large format oil paintings of pop-art aesthetic so peculiar to Pasta Oner. The artist depicts protagonists of his favourite classic Hollywood films Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) and Falling Down (1993) on the silver canvases painted with the colorful acrylics. The following sections display art objects and the series Icons, created with the brand new technique of monochrome etchings cast in artificial stone. Works depict Coca Cola logo and Marilyn Monroe, as a tribute to pop art, Jesus as a tribute to spirituality and to Pasta’s devoutness.

The final section is a museum reminiscence of Pasta’s famous piece of street art, the large format mural ‘Choose To be Happy’ 2012. Those familiar with the Dejvice district have certainly seen it. Řanda agrees this is one of his finest works.

‘The greatest reward for me was the feedback I received from several people. Once I participated in a podcast and the editor shared the story that once he was unhappy with his employment, but when he saw the mural he quit and now he is doing what he really enjoys, he chose to be happy.’ said Pasta.

There is also an interactive corner where visitors can watch a short movie about the artist and find out more about the mural art projects of Pasta Oner.

The exhibit runs until 25/7/21.

For more information see the website.