Zlata Koruna, South Bohemia, April 17 (CTK) – The Zlatokorunska Madonna rare Gothic painting was returned to its original place in a church chapel amid celebrations there on Sunday.

At first, the painting was put on display in the church and then it was moved to a chapel where it will be installed permanently.

Thanks to a deal between the parish, to which the priceless painting belongs, and the National Heritage Institute (NPU), that administers the monastery, both church-goers and tourists will be able to see the work of art.

Priest Andrzej Urbisz, who is in charge of the local parish, told CTK it was vital that people could also pray before the painting.

The Zlatokorunska Madonna, painted over 600 years ago, was moved to its original place in the presence of over 300 people.

It was painted between 1410 and 1420, most probably commissioned by the local Cistercian monastery.

For fear of Nazi Germany, the National Gallery had the painting moved to Prague in April 1938. Since then, its copy was in the church.

In the 1990s, the artefact was returned to the church. In recent years, the Madonna was borrowed by the monastery in Vyssi Brod, south Bohemia.