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Czech News in English » Life » Arts » Colour Selection: Jamie Cullum coming to Prague in May

Colour Selection: Jamie Cullum coming to Prague in May

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Jamie Cullum does not need an extensive introduction, anywhere. He is coming to Prague to play a Colours Selection Concert at O2 Universum, in Prague, on 12.5.2020. And not introducing such a successful music career would be a shame so we will sum up the majors:

Playing the world over at concerts and festivals along-side the likes of Herbie Hancock, Kendrick Lamar, St Vincent and Lang Lang. With eight launched albums and one on the way, he is also a well-known multi-award winning music broadcaster. Jamie’s enthusiasm for creativity is seen in his energy.

Leveraging a student loan to pay for his first album launch, and then paying for college playing four or five gigs a week laid a foundation which has continued throughout Jamie’s long career. The success of his major label breakthrough Twentysomething and then Catching Tales saw him nominated for a Brit, Grammy and numerous other awards around the world. Taking on and celebrating those successes by tirelessly promoting his records over five years, with a truly global live career. Cullum’s world tour booked over forty countries, nearly all multiple repeat’s. If you have seen him live, it’s hard to argue against the claim he is one of the best live entertainers working today. It is a reputation that, from Singapore to Sao Paolo and most places in-between has only continued to grow, culminating in a long held ambition being fulfilled at that famous mud bath in Somerset: ‘A show on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival 18 years into my career was a highlight for me. It had been a long, unspoken goal to myself to bringing together as high a level of musicianship as I could muster, together with the stagecraft I’ve endeavoured to build up over the years. Like the artists I saw live formatively – Dr John, Prince, James Brown, Ben Folds, The Roots.’

Jamie does music for movies, plays across multiple genres, with multiple inspiring legends and talents. He even keeps his audience tuned in to a global weekly radio show. The upcoming concert will be an opportunity to see a legend at work, in his prime, mastering his art. Missing this can only end in regret!

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