Prague, Nov 27 (CTK) – Calvary in Locronan II, a large work by Czech painter Jan Zrzavy (1890-1977), was sold for 17.04 million crowns at a Prague auction on Sunday, which is the record highest price for Zrzavy’s work on the Czech market, Terezie Kaslova from the organising Galerie Kodl auction house told CTK.

Before, Zrzavy’s most expensive work sold in the Czech Republic was Fantastic Landscape, for which a buyer paid 14.4 million crowns last year.

Calvary in Locronan II represents the close of Zrzavy’s Brittany period, by which he said a melancholic goodbye to the beloved place.

Another Czech modern author crossing a record domestic price on Sunday is Frantisek Foltyn (1891-1976), whose Composition, a work from his Paris period, was sold for 8.2 million crowns.

Further Czech modern authors whose works were sold for more than five million crowns are Antonin Prochazka (1882-1945), Vaclav Spala (1885-1946), Emil Filla (1882-1953) and Antonin Slavicek (1870-1910).