Prague, March 28 (CTK) – The National Gallery (NG) will open to the public the cycle De-creazione Czech photographer Josef Koudelka made for the presentation of the Vatican at the Venice Biennale in 2013 and a retrospective exhibition on his 80th anniversary on Thursday.

The former set is comprised of the 18 photos for which Koudelka chose the topic of man’s irreversible intervention in the landscape.

The retrospective exhibition, to be held in the Arts and Crafts Museum (UPM), consists of 350 photos, a part of the collection of the works Koudelka has decided to donate to his homeland through the UPM.

In the Veletrzni palace, the NG will unveil a smaller set of photographs Koudelka has donated to this institution.

The retrospective exhibition in the UPM encompasses the whole of Koudelka’s creation in seven chapters.

A large space is devoted to his cycle Gypsies. “Like here, Gypsies have never been presented anywhere,” Koudelka said.

An exhibition of the photos he made when Warsaw Pact troops occupied Czechoslovakia in 1968 and with which Koudelka made his mark abroad will be put on display by the NG on the 50th anniversary of the event later this year.