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Czech News in English » Life » Cinema » Czech writer's novel to be adapted by Netflix: Adam Sandler is the lead

Czech writer’s novel to be adapted by Netflix: Adam Sandler is the lead

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The adaptation of Jaroslav Kalfar’s sci-fi novel “The Spaceman of Bohemia” by Netflix is in active planning. It was announced that Adam Sandler will play the main role of the Czech astronaut Jakub Procházka, who is off to exploring the mysterious space dust called Chopra.

The screenplay will be prepared by Colby Day and the director will be the famous Johan Renck, who has already directed such hits as Chernobyl and episodes in the Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. The production will be undergoing under Channing Tatum’s company Free Association with Tatum himself as a producer. Sandler, the American comedy star, will become the main lead. Further details including the release date will be announced later.

“As we prepare for our voyage to Chopra, I couldn’t be more pleased to have found the perfect partner in Adam,” Renck said, Variety reports. “And now, with the support of the brilliant Netflix family, I am profoundly excited to set off on our impossible journey.”

Procházka is a Prague-born writer who moved to the USA for studies. His novel tells a story of a Czech astrophysicist who goes to space to find the dust cloud of the unknown origin close to Venus. The cloud has weird properties and turns the sky purple in the evenings. The Czech Republic is the only country daring to embark on the mission which others consider deadly. While Jakub is not too excited about becoming an astronaut, he sees it as the opportunity to clear his name from his father’s deeds, who was a member of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia. There are many things awaiting Jakub including a…talking spider Hanuš.

The novel was greatly praised for playing with the sci-fi genre in the craziest possible ways, and the adaptation is expected to be as grand and unpredictable as its original.

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