Even though our country does not boast any mountains large enough to attract the lovers of extreme mountain climbing, many Czechs are still in love with this sport and travel far and wide to defeat the peaks of large stone formations across the world. However, sometimes they can get in quite a lot of trouble, just like two Czech climbers just did with their guide on the Rakaposhi in Pakistan. Towering 7,788 metres above sea level, Rakaposhi is quite a formidable challenge, being the 27th tallest mountain on earth. The group has got stuck about 6,900 metres high up, and have requested rescue. The group did reach the mountaintop earlier this week, but they were stopped during their descend by extreme weather conditions, which forced them to call for support from the local authorities. However, their rescue will be quite complicated in multiple ways. First, they did not have the paperwork required for climbing the mountain, so they will probably get in trouble with Pakistani officials once they get rescued. Secondly, the weather that ended their expedition in the first place is also limiting the options of rescue teams, as helicopters can not fly in such conditions this high up. Thus, the team will either have to overcome the weather and climb low enough to be picked up by airborne rescue teams, or try to survive until a rescue team on foot arrives to their location. Either way, we hope that they safely get out of trouble and wish them the best of luck.