The Czech President Miloš Zeman is currently being treated at the Central Military Hospital (ÚVN) in Střešovice, Prague. He arrived there on Tuesday shortly after 11 a.m. The First Lady, Ivana Zemanová, arrived to the hospital before him, so the visit was likely planned rather than urgent. According to Czech media sources, It should be a longer-term hospitalization. “I can confirm that we are currently hospitalizing the president,” ÚVN spokeswoman Jitka Zinke told the Due to the laws of confidentiality in hospitals, she could not provide additional information at this time. President Zeman already visited the hospital on Friday, at which point he was reportedly recommended to consider continuous care by both the director of the ÚVN and the president’s attending physician Miroslav Zavoral. This information was shared by Aktuálně.cz. The president is expected to spend at least four days in the hospital. However, this information is not definitive, as it is yet to be shared officially. Furthermore, the potential increasing decline of the President’s health could become the target of discussion led by his political rivals in the coming days.