Many of our readers might have registered an outage of services normally provided by the tech giant Facebook on Monday night. However, this problem might have been much more massive than many thought. Retrospectively, it has become clear that the outage on Monday affected all of Facebook’s services, meaning not only the social network the company started out with was inaccessible, but also Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp. Furthermore, these problems were not limited to one region, as it usually is when the problems like this appear. On Monday October 4th, Facebooks services were down across much of the world for 6 hours, affecting all of its 3.5 billion users. Thus, this was the largest outage in the company’s recent history. From information surfacing a day after the incident, it seems that it took so long to fix because staff were locked out of the system much like users, even when attempting to physically access their server sites. Coincidentally, T-mobile and Vodafone also had problems in Czechia on Monday night, which prevented some people to access the internet at all, due to their dependency on these providers. These issues were reportedly caused by network overload spawned by the Facebook outage. All these problems caused massive spikes in the in the stock market, but are now repaired. Let us hope that these problems will result in better services in the future.

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