Prague, July 6 (CTK) – Tens of people have used the new web portal promoting the Czech art and creative industry abroad during the first weeks since its official opening, Petra Jungwirthova, spokeswoman for Czech Centers, has told CTK.
It was Jungwirthova who came up with the idea of creating the CzechPlatform. It is devised to link Czech institutions with authors of the projects who want to export their work outside the Czech Republic.
“Since the time the web has started working publicly, we have registered tens of artistic and other entities that have made themselves registered at the platform,” Jungwirthova said.
Since June 23, artists, organisers of festivals, academics and others can be registered for free on the portal CzechPlatform.
Their project is then placed in the calendar of the events that is depicted on the front page of the web.
“The information about the event is then passed to Czech embassies, consulates, the Czech communities abroad and directors of Czech Centers,” Jungwirthova said.
“The institutions can help publicise the project, using their contacts and knowledge of a region,” she added.
The calendar is dominated by art, especially by musical performances and exhibitions by artists and photographs, Jungwirthova said.
There is also interest in Czech design, fashion and films, depending on the regions, Jungwirthova said.
“In Britain and Belgium, Czech fashion and design are doing well, while in Bucharest and Paris, plastic arts are successful,” she added.
At present, the portal only works in Czech, but in the future, an English version may be launched, too.