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Czech News in English » News » National » Residents of Břeclav afraid of permanent refugee camp

Residents of Břeclav afraid of permanent refugee camp

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Breclav, South Moravia, Sept 8 (CTK) – Some residents of Breclav are afraid that the tent camp for refugees in Postorna will become a permanent Czech centre for refugees, Breclav Mayor Pavel Dominik told CTK Tuesday.

According to original information, the facility with 15 tents and 300 beds was to close in October.

However, the Interior Ministry has asked the Justice Ministry to transfer the area and one of the buildings to its property.

It says that the tents could be replaced with Portakabins after a time, Dominik said.

The town hall dislikes the intention, but as this is state property, it cannot influence the decision, Dominik said.

The officials of the town, the Interior Ministry, the foreigner police and the locals discussed the camp, that has not yet been opened.

The meeting in a local cinema was attended by about 350 people. It was sometimes stormy.

“One can clearly see that many citizens do not want the camp in Postorna,” Dominik said.

The locals said in the discussion they were afraid of the refugee influx. Some of them are afraid of rising crime.

Deputy Interior Minister Jiri Novacek told the locals about the state migration policy, but he did not say how long the camp would be in operation.

It is to be a detention centre that may only open if the immigration wave to the Czech Republic increases.

In it, the identity of the refugees is to be checked and then they will be either expelled or sent to a different refugee facility.

Since the beginning of the year, about 2,500 immigrants have been detained in the Czech Republic, but only a fraction of them have asked for asylum.

Most of them, 60, were Syrians.

The prison in Postorna was a police centre for the refugees. However, after their influx to the country decreased, it was closed. In the past months, it was rebuilt into a prison.

However, a tent camp for refugees was established there in the past days. Neither the camp nor the prison have been opened.

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