Prague, Dec 11 (CTK) – Review of major political and cultural events scheduled as yet in the Czech Republic in 2017:


1. – New Year’s Day.

– National holiday – Day of Renewal of Independent Czech State (1993)

– Minimum gross monthly wage rises by 1100 crowns to 11,000.

– Amendment to law on political parties and movements takes effect. It introduces financial caps on election spending and institutes special office to supervise the financial management of parties.

– Amendment to law on certain measures against legalisation of proceeds from criminal activities and terrorism financing takes effect.

– Amendment to air protection law, according to which offices will be able to check what people burn in boilers at home and to fine trespassers, takes effect.

– New atomic energy law, which is to facilitate construction of new nuclear units, takes effect.

– Law introducing stricter regulation of gambling takes effect.

10.- Chamber of Deputies starts first regular session in 2017.

16.- Significant day – Jan Palach Remembrance Day, on which tribute is paid to the memory of student Jan Palach who chose self-immolation to protest against Soviet occupation of former Czechoslovakia.

– Tripartite, which brings together representatives of government, employers and trade unions, holds first meeting in 2017.

18.- Court in Prague starts to deal with complaint by grandson of Czech Art-Nouveau painter Alfons Mucha about ownership of the Slavic Epic series of paintings.

19.- National Security Council meets.

27.- Significant day: Holocaust Remembrance Day – anniversary of the liberation of Oswiecim (Auschwitz) camp in 1945.


1. – Amendment to law on aid in material deprivation takes effect.

21.- Chamber of Deputies’ February session begins.


– President Milos Zeman to announce in March whether he will seek re-election next year.

1. – Sales electronic registration (EET) starts to apply to retail and wholesale firms.

6. – Festival of films on human rights, One World, begins. On March 16 it will move to regions.

8. – Significant day: International Women’s Day.

10.- Social Democrats (CSSD) begin two-day election congress.

12.- Significant day: Day of the Czech Republic’s accession to NATO.

23.- 24th Febiofest film festival begins, runs until March 31.

26.- Summer time begins.

28.- Significant day: Birth anniversary of humanist, educator and philosopher Jan Amos Komensky (Comenius, 1592-1670))

30.- Czech and Slovak tripartites hold joint meeting.


6. – Days of European Film begin in Prague; to run until April 13. The festival moves to Brno (April 14-18) and it will continue in regions until April 23.

7. – Significant day of Czech Republic – Day of Education marking foundation of Charles University in Prague, the first in Central Europe, by King of Bohemia and Roman Emperor Charles IV in 1348.

14.- National holiday – Good Friday.

16.- Easter Sunday.

17.- National holiday – Easter Monday.


1. – National holiday – Labour Day.

2. – Anifilm international animated film festival begins in Trebon, south Bohemia; runs until May 7.

5. – Significant day – May 1945 National Uprising.

8. – National holiday – Day of Victory marking liberation from fascism in 1945.

11.- Book World international book fair beigns; runs until May 14.

12.- 72nd Prague Spring international music festival begins; runs until June 2.

14.- Significant day – Mothers’ Day.

15.- Significant day – Day of Families.

26. -26th International Film Festival for Children and Youth begins in Zlin, south Moravia; runs until June 3.

28. – World Romany festival Khamoro begins; runs until June 3.


10.- Significant day – Obliteration of Lidice village, central Bohemia, by the Nazis in 1942.

16.- Smetana Litomysl international opera festival begins; runs until July 6.

27.- Significant day – Communist Regime Victims Remembrance Day; anniversary of judicial murder of democratic politician Milada Horakova in 1950.

30.- Karlovy Vary International Film Festival begins; runs until July 8.


5. – National holiday – Day of SS Constantine and Methodius Slavic missionaries who brought Christianity to Czech Lands in 863.

6. – National holiday – Day of (religious reformer) Jan Hus’s (John Huss) Burning at Stake in 1415.

28.- Summer Film School (LFS) opens in Uherske Hradiste, south Moravia; runs until August 8.


No major events have been scheduled as yet.


9. – European Heritage Days begin; run until September 17.

28.- National holiday – St Wenceslas Day, Day of Czech Statehood


24.- Documentary film festival Ji.hlava begins;runs until October 29.

28.- National holiday – Day of Establishment of Independent Czechoslovakia in 1918.

– Summer time ends.


2. – All Souls’ Day church holiday in memory of the dead.

11.- Significant day – Veterans Day; anniversary of World War One end

17.- National holiday: Day of Struggle for Freedom and Democracy that commemorates student demonstrations against Nazi occupation in 1939 and against Communist regime in 1989.


24.- National holiday – Christmas Eve.

25.- National holiday – Christmas Day

26.- National holiday – Boxing Day

31.- News Year’ Eve.