In the future, the Czech government would like to deepen the economic relations with Saudi Arabia. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jakub Kulhánek suggested a strategic partnership between the two countries. Over the past four years, the alliance has been experiencing a mild downfall due to the fluctuations regarding the oil business, the 10% increase in tariff payments as well as the global pandemic situation. Despite such obstacles, the export of Czech cars, computer particles and steel to Saudi Arabia prosperously continued. However, the import of petroleum products from the Western-Asian country to Central Europe has been rather unstable. Saudi Arabia presented Vision 2030, a plan that aims to liberalize the overall economy while decreasing the country’s dependence on mining by half. Minister Kulhánek sees hope in the 2030 Vision and believes that it will bring plenty of opportunities for Czech companies. He has been actively working on proposing new contracts to the Riyadh business forum. Although Saudi Arabia is a monarchy and the cultural lifestyle differs from European countries, the director of Saudi diplomacy along with the Saudi prince expressed that a number of socio-economic improvements have taken place and the country is currently experiencing a visible growth across various economic sectors. The Czech enterprise Tatra is amongst the first verifications that the Czech-Saudi relations might be promising, as it launched trial operations in their new local branch.