Strict security measures at airports could become a little more relaxed. Czech scientists have discovered a one-second way to identify dangerous substances that might be used on planes for the preparation of explosives. Traveller would no longer need to leave behind their drinks or perfumes when they check in. “The Pressure of the travel industry to relax security measures made us think about ways to enable passengers to carry liquids in their hand luggage. That is why we are developing a detector,” says Jiří Bláha from RS Dynamics company which owns the research centre developing the detector. This special device identifies a dangerous substance without having to open the bottle and take a sample. “We are currently working on makingContinue Reading

Most people have no idea the Czech capital can look like this. (ČTK) The area bordering Prague’s Vysočany and Hrdlořezy, not far from the stately building of Sazka, doesn’t look like a social time bomb at first sight. But at the second sight it does – an abandoned card stock dormitory is home to dozens of Roma from Prague who not so long ago lived in Prague’s districts of Nusle, Karlín, Libeň or Žižkov. They were bribed to leave their homes. Now this unpleasant place, located just outside the large premises of the city’s waste management Pražské služby, has become new home for entire Romani families. Roma “disappearing” from Prague A man’s loud singing comes out through half-opened dormitory windows.Continue Reading