Prague, Nov 3 (CTK) – The Czech Chamber of Deputies will hold anextraordinary session in November to discuss the international financialcrisis and namely a bill on bank saving deposits, Radana Jurankova, head ofthe Chamber of Deputies organisational committee, told CTK Monday. The session that will take place on November 11 was convoked by Chamber ofDeputies chairman Miloslav Vlcek (senior opposition Social Democrats, CSSD)at the Social Democrat deputies’ request , Jurankova said. It will also discuss the future of the Injury Hospital in Brno, southMoravia, she said. Finance Minister Miroslav Kalousek (junior government Christian Democrats,KDU-CSL) said last week that the government wanted to convoke anextraordinary session of the Chamber of Deputies with the main point on theagenda being an amendment toContinue Reading

The Liberec town hall has to figure out who is going to operate the Ještěd and Vesec ski resorts after the February world cup in cross-country skiing. The resorts, which the state rewarded with a CZK 1.1 billion investment in preparation for the championship, are no longer considered a lucrative investment. The company Snowhill, which is scheduled to take over the resorts’ management after the ski championship, is seeking new terms for the contract, according to Liberec Town Hall. “The events came in reaction to changes in Snowhill ownership. I don’t want to make early judgments, as negotiations haven’t finished and there are still a few options left. But it can’t be ruled out that Snowhill will leave both skiContinue Reading

Czech Facebook users target ČSSD politicians. (ČTK) The group ADIOS, Antioranžovočervení diletantsky intuitivně operující sabotéři (Anti-orange-red saboteurs operating intuitively in a dilettantish manner) do not rack their brain over political correctness. The group unites those “who wept or drank all night over the results of the elections and who openly avow that there has been enough of populism and demagogy, we know from whom, and who do not mind paying thirty crowns for a doctor’s appointment and love only small cats”.* In the virtual space, the group’s original manifesto reacts to the results of the recent elections. While in the real world ČSSD [whose party colour is orange] won the voters’ favour, the situation on the networking site isContinue Reading

Marta Procházková, a 63-year-old woman, spent three weeks in two Czech hospitals. She went through four different departments and she met with unwillingness and the arrogance of nurses in all of them. Unlike other people, she made notes of what they said, which she later gave to the online daily Tý The nurses’ directors object: They say they only receive thank you letters. Marta Procházková from Selenice in the Nymburk region had a conflict with the staff already on the first day of her stay at the department of internal medicine in Městec Králové hospital in central Bohemia. She asked one of the nurses, if she could put a new role of toilet paper in the bathroom. “She [the nurse]Continue Reading

The Czech central bank governor rejected fast euro adoption as a shield against the financial crisis on Thursday, while his Polish counterpart cast doubt on the government’s 2012 euro zone entry plans due to the turmoil.Their statements highlighted the divergent stances toward the single currency in central and eastern Europe’s EU newcomers as they struggle to deal with the fallout of the global turmoil, following a month of crisis in Hungary.Continue Reading