Prague, Oct 1 (CTK) – The Czech extra-parliamentary Party of Private Businessmen launched yesterday a three-month campaign against bureaucracy and state regulations, on which it plans to spend millions of crowns, it chairman Petr Bajer said yesterday.
The party will put up 200 billboards, it will massively invest in advertisements and Internet activities, and it will also “organise unrest,” Bajer said.
On October 28, which is a national holiday (establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic in 1918), it will stage a demonstration in Prague against the planned introduction of sales electronic registration.
The campaign will be personally and financially supported by senator Ivo Valenta, owner of the Synot lottery company. His firms have filed a one billion crowns international arbitration against the Czech Republic over allegedly foiled investments.
Valenta said he does not perceive his participation in the campaign as a prestigious duel with Andrej Babis, deputy prime minister, finance minister, ANO movement head and owner of Agrofert holding.
He said he wants to show resentment to excessive regulations.
Valenta said the government and the Finance Ministry’s proposals return the country back before November 1989 when the communist regime fell.
Bajer said the campaign aims to interconnect the opponents of bureaucracy, strengthen the party membership and find candidates for regional governors.
The party plans two more similar campaigns next year. The latter will be motivated by the Senate and regional elections to be held in the autumn.
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