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Czech News in English » News » Politics » Local authorities remain most trusted political institution

Local authorities remain most trusted political institution

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Prague, Sept 30 (CTK) – Mayors and local municipalities are trusted by 62 percent of citizens and they have maintained the position of the most trustworthy constitutional institution in the Czech Republic, according to the results of a poll that the CVVM institute conducted in September and released on Friday.

The second most popular is the president. The poll showed that 57 percent trust President Milos Zeman.

The pollsters concluded that the higher the age of the respondents, the higher their trust in the president. Confidence in the president is lower in the group aged 30-44, they said.

People’s trust in the president is also directly related to their satisfaction with the political situation, CVVM said.

Forty percent trust regional authorities and 38 percent trust regional governors.

Voters of the ruling Social Democrats (CSSD) and ANO movement have higher confidence in governors than other people, the poll indicated.

The centre-left government of Bohuslav Sobotka (CSSD) is trusted by 38 percent.

The least trustworthy are considered the two houses of parliament: 28 percent of Czechs have confidence in the Senate and 27 percent in the Chamber of Deputies.

This year, Czechs trust the parliament and government slightly less than last year. Trust in President Zeman has repeatedly risen and fallen since his inauguration in March 2013. People’s confidence in the local and regional authorities remains more or less the same in the last few years.

Nearly half of the citizens (46 percent) said they were dissatisfied with the current political situation, while 18 percent said they were satisfied with it, CVVM said.

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