Prague, July 2 (CTK) – Czech media and food mogul Andrej Babis’s ANO would win the October election to the Chamber of Deputies with 33.5 percent before the Civic Democratic Party (ODS) with 11 percent and Communists with 10.5 percent, according to a poll conducted by the Kantar agency in June and released on Sunday.

The governing Social Democrats (CSSD), a coalition partner of ANO, would be the fourth with 10 percent.

The 5 percent threshold to enter the Chamber of Deputies would also be crossed by the conservative opposition TOP 09 and the populist opposition Direct Democracy (SPD) with 7.5 percent each.

The coalition of the Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL), the third coalition government member, and STAN would gain 7.5 percent. However, coalitions need at least 10 percent.

ANO gained 2 percent as against a May poll.

The ODS lost half a percent, while the poll ratings of the Communists and Social Democrats are the same as a month ago.

TOP 09 lost 1.5 percent, while the SPO gained 1.5 percent.

The Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL) themselves got 8.5 percent a month ago, before they formed the coalition.

Of the rest of the parties, the Pirates and the Greens are the closest to the lower house with 4 percent and 2 percent, respectively.

The poll was conducted on a sample of 1,200 people between June 5 and 25.

ANO also has a large lead in other latest polls.