On September 2nd, Andrej Babiš as the Czech prime minister officially started off the campaign of the ANO political party. Everything was going very well according to plan, until Andrej Babiš junior appeared at the event and confronted his own father in front of all his supporters and the press. The surroundings of Větruše castle in Ústí nad Labem were filled with people siding with the political leader enjoying the gathering. Meanwhile, Babiš’s son was just on the way from his psychologist when he and the movie director Vít Klusák, who was accompanying him, wanted to stop by for a nice bowl of soup. Coincidentally, the place of their choosing for the brief refreshment was actually the exact place where the ANO party was promoting their campaign. Babiš junior grasped the chance of ruining his father’s day by bringing to light a few generally controversial arguments that have been dividing these two for quite some time. Once again, Babiš jr. declared to the press that his father is responsible for his abduction connected to the Storks nest case, an ongoing fraud case. He was outraged, asked his father why he hurt his own son and finally wished him good luck with the campaign that is consistently fooling the Czech nation. The Prime Minister has just pointed out the fact that he has been a good father and that his son is only being used against him. Furthermore, according to a judicial psychiatrist, Andrej Babiš junior is at the moment no longer diagnosed as a mentally ill patient.