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ForMin meets Iranian counterpart establishing new ties

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Tehran, Sept 6 (CTK special correspondent) – Czech Foreign Minister Lubomir Zaoralek met yesterday his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif who said this is a new beginning in the two countries’ bilateral relations.
They mainly debated the migration wave in Europe, the Middle East situation and the struggle against Islamic State.
Zarif said Iran hopes that relations on political level will be simplified thanks to the strengthening of economic ties and that Zaoralek’s visit will facilitate bilateral contacts.
Diplomatic relations between the two countries were seriously harmed in 1998 when Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE) started to broadcast its Persian programme from its seat in Prague.
Tehran withdrew its ambassador from the Czech Republic in protest against this and the Czech embassy is also headed on a lower diplomatic level.
The possibility of promoting the diplomatic relations has been spoken about several times, but nothing has happened. Zaoralek and Zarif did not announce any change yesterday either.
Speaking about the security situation in the Middle East and the ensuing migrant crisis in Europe, they agreed on the need to stabilise the situation in Syria.
“There exists no simple, miraculous solution…it is necessary to create preconditions for a political solution to emerge,” Zaoralek said at a press conference.
It shows in Syria that all attempts have been more less a failure. “It is also necessary to reassess some aspects of the attitude applied to date and seek ways of engaging in the solution also those without whom a solution cannot probably be found,” Zaoralek said.
He said Iran should play an important role in this search for a solution.
Zaoralek said those who behave like criminals must be exclude, while “political forces must be united and conditions for states to be renewed on the basis of regular elections must be created,” he said.
Zaoralek said his Iranian trip is a step on the Czech Republic’s way to an alliance of states that will help resume normal life in the conflict-ridden countries.
Zaoralek is the first Czech foreign minister who has visited Iran since the establishment of independent Czech Republic in 1993.
His visit that was prepared for some time is coincidentally taking place less than two months after the world great powers and Tehran reached agreement on a reduction of its nuclear programme. Under it, the West should gradually lift the economic sanctions which the United Nations, the EU and the United States imposed against Iran after 2006.
The Czech delegation, including representatives from 50 firms, arrived in Iran on Friday. On Saturday, Zaoralek opened in Isfahan a business forum that is to help establish business contacts with Iranian partners.
Yesterday, Zaoralek is yet to meet parliament speaker Ali Larijani. A meeting with President Hassan Rouhani is planned for the end of the visit.

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