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Czech News in English » News » Politics » Social Democrat deputy leaving party over corruption

Social Democrat deputy leaving party over corruption

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Prague, Jan 10 (CTK) – Czech Chamber of Deputies member Pavlina Nytrova left the governing Social Democrats (CSSD) as from mid-December, Nytrova said in her statement passed to CTK on Tuesday, citing rampant corruption, from the district up to the national level, as the reason for her decision.

Nytrova also drew attention to her last summer in a debate on an amendment to the registered partnership law. She said homosexuals would try to legalise sex with children.

She was then asked by the party leadership to apologise for her position, but she insisted on it. She reiterated that studies had proved an above-average tendency towards paedophilia, alcoholism and drug addiction among homosexuals.

Nytrova said she wanted to stay as a lawmaker until the autumn general election.

“I am taking this into account,” Roman Sklenak, head of the CSSD deputy group, has said.

Sklenak told CTK if Nytrova acted in accordance with the group’s conclusions, there would be no reason for her leaving it.

“On the other hand, there is her sharp rhetoric. If this continues, I would have a problem when cooperating with her,” Sklenak said.

He said Nytrova should inform the police about her suspicions or stop making such statements.

The chairman of the Chamber of Deputies budget committee, Vaclav Votava (CSSD), said it would be decent if she had informed the other deputies about her decision in advance.

Nytrova said in her statement she had informed the party leader, Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka, about her step earlier on Tuesday.

“The main reason are dubious manners, style and practices which became commonplace among Social Democrats in past years,” she wrote.

She said political corruption in the party was on all levels.

This is manifested by the “well-paid jobs” and support for the people who often vote against the voters’ benefit in local town halls, Nytrova said.

In her statement, she warned of some problems in Frydek-Mistek, north Moravia, where she was an assembly member in 1998-2014.

She said the town hall there had tried to implement closed secret voting.

She also criticised the expedient establishment of paid posts of committee chairpersons.

Nytrova wrote that on the national level, ministries were signing consultancy agreements with CSSD members and associated persons, paying money for the work their own staff could do.

“Although I have repeatedly warned of the described abuses, the situation in the party has not changed,” Nytrova said.

“The malpractices still harm the party, which is losing its voters and slowly, but inexorably falling to the political bottom,” she added.

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