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Czech News in English » News » Politics » Freedom and Direct Democracy indirectly supports Zeman's bid

Freedom and Direct Democracy indirectly supports Zeman’s bid

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Prague, Dec 9 (CTK) – The Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD) praised the work of President Milos Zeman as president at its conference, but it did not express direct support to him in the January presidential race on Saturday.

The SPD passed a resolution saying the post of president should be held by a man who would support direct democracy, would fight against migration and Islamisation and would advocate national interests even after the January presidential election, SPD leader Tomio Okamura said.

Zeman delivered a speech at the conference. He did not ask for direct support, but he praised the party several times in it.

He said he could name ten points on which he and the SPD agreed.

“Although we differ in some questions, as a whole, we consider the results of President Milos Zeman’s work as a confirmation of the rightfulness of the principle of direct election of the Czech Republic’s president,” the resolution said.

In the forthcoming election, the candidate who supports the principles of direct democracy should be backed, it added.

“A patriot refusing further undermining of national sovereignty and resolutely refusing illegal immigration and Islamisation of society must be the president of the Czech Republic,” the resolution said.

This must be a man defending the Czech Republic’s interests and an implacable fighter against international terrorism, it added.

However, the SPD did not express direct support to Zeman in the resolution.

“We are a movement that does not want to order our members and following how to behave,” SPD deputy chairman Radim Fiala said.

Along with Zeman, the presidential post is contested by another nine candidates, with Jiri Drahos, a former chairman of the Czech Academy of Sciences, being his most serious rival.

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