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Czech News in English » News » Politics » New changes in restrictions specified

New changes in restrictions specified

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Today the government has announced several future changes to covid-19 restrictions. Starting September 1st, tests for covid-19 will no longer be free. According to the Czech Health Minister, those who were willing to get vaccinated will have already done so by then. Especially since the interval between vaccination doses will be returning to 21 days, as recommended by many vaccination manufacturers. Furthermore, events organised from July 19th onwards hosting more than 1000 unique visitors will need to be reported to local hygiene authorities. These events are now already limited to a maximum of 5000 unique visitors outdoors and 2000 indoors. Further changes were hinted to take place no earlier than August, but nothing specific was said about them. The government has not even declared whether the restrictions will be getting stricter or looser.

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