In light of the approaching Czech parliament elections, a noteworthy story about someone trying to find ‘dirt’ on MP Vít Rakušan has been catching the spotlight in Czech media. The saga started when the former head of the STAN political party unveiled that he has received information pointing towards him being followed to the Neovlivní.cz server. As a part of this, Rakušan alleged PM Babiš of ordering the secret pursuit of him to gather information that could derail the Piráti and STAN coalition’s pre-election campaign. However the PM swiftly denied all of Rakušan’s claims. Furthermore, he proceeded to link a part of the public coalition agreement made between Piráti and STAN, where the former Piráti party reserves their right to investigate members of the former STAN party, if they feel that their reputation could be threatened by the actions of an individual. Thus, the PM blamed STAN’s own coalition partners for causing the scandal. The Piráti party only responded through a quick joke on social media, in which they sarcastically commended the PM’s knowledge of ‘folders’, alluding to the fact that despite his claims, the PM likely served in the STB, the Czech version of the KGB during the times of ČSSR. However, the whole situation is probably not a joke to them, as their chances to lead the next Czech government together with STAN are still very high.