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Czech News in English » News » Politics » Zeman wishes ANO-ČSSD cabinet to continue after election

Zeman wishes ANO-ČSSD cabinet to continue after election

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Prague, March 12 (CTK) – Czech President Milos Zeman would like the current ANO-Social Democrat (CSSD) coalition to continue to rule the country after the autumn general election, he told the server on Sunday, but added that this will depend on the election result, not on the president.

He repeated that the Bohumin resolution of 1995 which bans the CSSD from cooperating with the Communists (KSCM) is outdated.

Unlike CSSD chairman and Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka, Zeman said he believes that a decision abolishing the resolution should be made by a party congress.

Zeman said he will meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in November.

Zeman would not comment on the CSSD’s congress that ended in Brno on Saturday saying he has not been a party member since 2010.

He said he would wish that the CSSD do not end up deep among the defeated parties.

If this is to be avoided, the party must do the same as other entities. It must have an attractive programme and an attractive leadership. The election will show whether the party has this, Zeman said.

The CSSD re-elected Sobotka, with whom Zeman has rather tense relations, its chairman on Friday.

Zeman said he will meet the presidents of the United States, China and Russia this year. He said he will meet Putin in November.

Hynek Kmonicek, head of the presidential foreign department who is ending in the post because he will be Czech ambassador to the Untied States, told CTK recently that the Presidential Office has been negotiating about the visit.

He said he hopes that a shift in Russian-U.S. relations will be attained this year so that Zeman can go to Russia.

According to previous information, Zeman is to visit the United States and be received by President Donald Trump in April.

Zeman also said one, including his wife, knew about his decision to seek re-election in early 2018.

Zeman, 72, announced his decision to his supporters at Prague Castle, the presidential seat, on Thursday. On Friday, he announced his candidature at a press conference.

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