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Czech News in English » News » Politics » Komárek brands fellow MPs wreckers in new book

Komárek brands fellow MPs wreckers in new book

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Prague, Sept 17 (CTK) – Czech deputy Martin Komarek (ANO) has made an original contribution to the campaign ahead of the October 20-21 general election by issuing a book about his experience in the Chamber of Deputies and branding lawmakers wreckers with satirical hyperbole.

The book’s title is A dangerous herd or the Czech lawmaker and other retarded species.

Komarek a former long-standing journalist and political commentator,previously described the Chamber of Deputies in an interview as a “house of hypocrisy, wrath and unfulfilled promises.”

He was elected a deputy for Andrej Babis’s new ANO movement in 2013, but he is not going to seek re-election in the October polls, which ANO is expected to win.

Komarek’s book presents itself as a scientific project aimed to “thoroughly examine a bizarre and a very dangerous animal species: the Czech lawmaker.”

In the preface, Komarek explains that he has “undergone much risk by living many months straight among lawmakers like Diane Fossey among gorillas.”

In several chapters of his book, he offers a long list of what he considers harmful effects of the Czech lawmakers.

Meant as a satire, the book contains no concrete names of people or political parties.

In early September, Komarek joined a verbal exchange of fire within the lower house’s debate on the police request for the lawmakers to release Babis and his close aide, ANO deputies’ group chairman Jaroslav Faltynek, for prosecution on suspicion of a subsidy fraud.

Komarek then recommended that lawmakers should read his new book and assured them that based on the ongoing debate, “the book’s author” is planning a new sequel to be titled An even more dangerous herd and even more retarded species.

Komarek, 56, is a son of the late politician and economist Valter Komarek. He worked as a journalist and commentator for the Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) daily until June 2013, when he started cooperating with ANO.

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