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SPD wants Babiš to assess its drafts bills before confidence vote

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Prague, Dec 15 (CTK) – The Freedom and Direct Democracy (SDP) movement wants the recently appointed minority cabinet of PM Andrej Babis (ANO) to first address the bills SPD has drafted and intends to push through the Chamber of Deputies, SPD head Tomio Okamura told reporters on Friday.

The SPD submitted a draft bill on referendums into the system of prepared legislation on Friday and it is about to submit its draft bill on direct vote and removal of politicians from posts as well as its bill denouncing Islamist ideology.

Okamura would like Babis to have a say on them before Babis asks the lower house for confidence for his cabinet.

“The cabinet must address the drafts within 30 days. We would like to know Babis’s stance on a referendum that is broad and democratic,” Okamura said.

The drafts’ submission date is early enough for the new cabinet to be forced to show its standpoint on them and towards the priorities of the parties whose support the cabinet seeks, he said.

Babis is planning to hold the confidence vote on January 10. He is going to present the new cabinet’s programme statement on Monday when it has held its second meeting. He then wants to talk to the eight other parties of the Chamber, which have, apart from the Communists, so far been refusing to support the ANO’s minority cabinet.

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