ANO continues to be the most popular party, two January polls show

Whether Prime Minister Andrej Babis (ANO) was attacked by the Million Moments demonstrations, accused by the European Commission of a conflict of interest in wrongfully taking European subsidies after an audit was completed, or the December investigation reopening concerning a construction project, his party continues to lead by a huge margin in polls. Nothing seems to jolt the party’s 30% popularity consistently enjoyed by ANO.

The two polls, conducted by Meridian and STEM show one clear leader: ANO, taking over 30% of the vote in either poll. The second best is in the 14% range, ODS or Pirates, depending on which poll one trusts to be more correct. The next slew of parties run in between 4% and 8% of the field.

The surprise at the bottom end of the polls were that party Top09 did not make the 5% minimum threshold in either poll. With fresh new leadership after the election of Marketa Adamova Pekarova as the leader of the party, results are not showing a fresh start bump. The 35 year-old is the only woman leader of a party in parliament.

The STEM poll predicts an only 54% participation rate in the election.