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Czech News in English » News » Politics » Right rejects Social Democrat manifesto as populist

Right rejects Social Democrat manifesto as populist

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Prague, June 17 (CTK) – The election manifesto unveiled by Czech Social Democrats (CSSD) today is populist and it contains the promises that cannot be made good, representatives of the right-wing opposition Civic Democratic Party (ODS) and TOP 09 have said.

Social Democrats have repeatedly failed to fulfil their manifesto, Andrej Babis, leader of the ANO, a coalition partner of the Social Democrats, said.

The CSSD has promised the average salary of 40,000 crowns a month, to be reached in five years, progressive taxation, a special tax on millionaires and faster health care.

It unveiled its manifesto Good Country for Life at its programme conference in Prague earlier today.

Before the 2013 general election, the party promised to create a well-functioning state.

“The CSSD continues with making the promises that cannot be made good, in the desire to redistribute an increasing number of money, in the desire to rob the successful and to give to the chosen ones,” Alexandra Udzenija, the first deputy chairwoman of the ODS, said.

“Instead of lower taxes and higher salaries, it offers more welfare benefits,” she added.

ODS economic expert Jan Skopecek said the CSSD was offering even more complicated taxes than now and a growing regulation and the red tape.

Skopecek said excessive taxation could expel or deter foreign investors.

If the Social Democrat manifesto were implemented, this would bring about growing envy and conflicts between social groups, he added.

“With its very socialist and populist manifesto, the CSSD is trying to win back its former leftist voters which seem to have been won over by ANO,” TOP 09 leader Miroslav Kalousek has told CTK.

“This is naturally no programme for the future prosperity and competitiveness of our country,” he added.

“Thanks to the CSSD, the welfare benefits are abused, while those who could work do not work, living off the welfare they often collect for their children,” Babis said.

Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL) leader Pavel Belobradek said he had not been surprised at the CSSD manifesto.

“It is natural that the Social Democrats are offering a leftist manifesto,” Belobradek said.

He said the election coalition of the KDU-CSL and the Mayors and Independents (STAN) would focus on its own manifesto and it would introduce its economic experts next week.

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