The Political movement ANO, the party responsible for governing the country during the last few years is surprisingly successful during its election campaign. A recently released pre-election poll suggests that the party is the heavy favorite for the victory in the fall elections, with 31.1% of those questioned during the STEM MARK polls favoring the movement led by current PM Andrej Babiš. Surprisingly, the Piráti a STAN coalition has seen a steep fall in their preferential rating, as a mere 18.7% of voters favor them now. Since this coalition was probably the biggest challenger to the current government, many are starting to speak skeptically about a change in Czech politics taking place after these elections. The only remaining hope for those, who wish for a change, seems to be the coalition SPOLU, which still manages to keep hovering around 20%. Thus, the poll suggests that the current government could theoretically continue ruling under a slightly modified coalition. This poll was done from a sample size of 1013 Czech citizens over the age of 18, between August 9th and 12th.