SPD is one of the political parties in the current election campaign battle for seats in the Czech Parliament. One of their main campaign strategies was organising ‘farmers markets’ in Czech regional cities over the course of August and September. Throughout this time, the political party was quite secretive about the origins of these groceries. Nevertheless, due to the extremely low prices at the markets, many likely had a hunch that these products do not come from small farmers. Two crowns for an egg or ten crowns for a kilogram of apples is simply not an attractive retail price for small local farmers. Now, new information has been discovered, which confirms the suspicion that much of the products sold at SPD markets actually came from some of the largest food suppliers in the country. For example, some of the meat came from the Rabbit CZ agricultural company, which operates on 20,000 hectares of land. This land is almost equal to the size of Brno, the second largest city in the country. To many, that does not seem like a small local farmer. This company also gets about 171 million crowns from the EU each year. This is where another noteworthy irony comes into play, because the party stands for the Czech Republic leaving the EU. Thus, it seems that the party used products grown partly from EU money to campaign against the EU.

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