Prime Minister Andrej Babis (ANO) is making clear arguments that the government has too many ministers and the country would be fine, or even better off, combining the positions into a more efficient structure.

Babis, to start, assumes that recently recalled Minister of Transportation Vladimir Kremlik (ANO) will be replaced with the current Minister of Industry Karel Havlicek (ANO). Likewise Babis reckons that combining the Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Industry as well as the Ministry of Transportation and Ministry of the Interior is vaery much possible. Babis believes that logically the amalgamation of the Ministries of Health, Labor and Social Affairs also makes sense.

“The fact that we have so many Ministries is because we have a parliamentary system. If we had a Majority system, I may say, that we would have four Ministers less. We used to have a Minister of Economy and I guess the politicians had too few positions, so they turned it into three Ministers. Instead of three we could have one,” indulged Babis.

Kremlik was recalled due to a questionable tender regarding highway toll stickers.

“If someone was deciding logically then the Ministry of Health and Labor belongs together. There are also many opportunities for synergies. But due to the current political situation making the change is impossible,” said Babis.