Prague, April 22 (CTK) – A written coalition pact between Prime Minister Andrej Babis’s ANO and the Social Democrats (CSSD may be finished during the next two weeks, ANO deputy chairman Jaroslav Faltynek told Czech Television (CT) on Sunday.

The parties have already agreed on the programme, Faltynek said.

A similar situation is in the talks with the Communists (KSCM) who are planning a tacit support to the government in the making. Without them, the former two parties would not have a majority in the Chamber of Deputies.

The KSCM, too, is demanding written commitments relating to the future cooperation.

KSCM deputy Jiri Dolejs said if the agreement were finished, it might be endorsed by the May session of the KSCM board.

Faltynek said changes in the distribution of posts in the Chamber of Deputies could be made in connection with the government.

“We do not want to be any useful idiots and we do not want to divide the spoils,” Dolejs said.

Faltynek said no specific proposals defining the powers of the individual parties had been raised in the negotiations.

He said there were some programme agreements with the Communists, which would be in the manifesto, such as a debate on the return of property to churches, a change to the insolvency law, the law on the general referendum and the law on non-profit hospitals.

Dolejs defended the position of Communists who want to discuss the personal filling of some ministries.

“In some names, we can see the risk that there could be a conflict with the government manifesto,” Dolejs said.

The Communists mostly criticised the management of the industry and trade, foreign and defence ministries.

“We will not check the nominees of the Social Democrats, it is their own right to nominate them,” Faltynek said.

After the Friday decision of the Social Democrats to restart the talks with ANO and the Saturday Communist congress, which confirmed the mandate of Communist negotiators, trilateral talks on the government are expected to start next week.

Faltynek confirmed this on Sunday.

The Social Democrats presume that the results of the negotiations from the past week will be confirmed by the party board on Saturday.

After Vojtech Filip was re-elected the Communists leader on Saturday, Babis said he believed the forthcoming talks with the Social Democrats and Communists would soon lead to the creation of a government with the confidence in the Chamber of Deputies.