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Poll: Czechs assess Zeman, ANO as best, TOP 09 as worst entity

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Prague, July 26 (CTK) – No Czech constitutional institution got a better mark than three in a CVVM poll that asked people to assess individual institutions’ performance on the scale of marks ranging from one (excellent) to five (poor), the CVVM said on Thursday, adding that President Milos Zeman fared best of all, with 3.02.

The second position in the June poll went to senior government ANO movement (3.11), followed by ANO leader and Prime Minister Andrej Babis (3.26).

The worst mark went to the rightist opposition TOP 09 with 3.90.

“All monitored subjects ended within a narrow range between the average marks 3.02 and 3.90,” CVVM said.

Chamber of Deputies chairman Radek Vondracek (ANO) ended fourth with the mark 3,30, followed by the opposition Pirate Party (3.33), the opposition Mayors and Independents Movement (3.35), Senate chairman Milan Stech (3.37), who is a member of the Social Democratic Party (CSSD), and Babis’s ANO-CSSD minority cabinet (3.42).

Marks over 3.5 went to the opposition Civic Democrats (ODS), the Senate (3.54), the junior government CSSD (3.55), the Chamber of Deputies (3.55), the Communists (3.58), who are an opposition party that keeps the cabinet afloat, the opposition Freedom and Direct Democracy movement (SPD, 3.59) and the opposition Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL, 3.66).

Lagging far behind, TOP 09 finished last.

“TOP 09, together with the SPD, are the subjects that received the worst possible mark, five, most often from the respondents,” uvedlo CVVM.

Since the latest similar poll from June 2017, when the previous cabinet of Bohuslav Sobotka was still in power, the assessment of the prime minister has improved most of all, with the relevant mark improving by 0.6.

Also improved have the marks of the lower house chairman (by 0.2), a post in which Vondracek replaced Jan Hamacek (CSSD) last autumn, and the cabinet and the ODS (by 0.15 each).

The KDU-CSL’s year-on-year assessment declined by 0.22 and ANO’s by 0.1, as a result of which ANO dropped from its first position last year to the runner-up position.

ANO comfortably won the October 2017 elections and has led party popularity polls for a long time.

Zeman was re-elected president for the second five-year period in January.

The CVVM conducted the poll on 1,078 respondents on June 16-29.

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