Tokyo, June 27 (CTK special correspondent) – The pressure on North Korea within the framework of the international community to make it drop its arms tests should be stepped up, the Japanese and Czech prime ministers, Shinzo Abe and Bohuslav Sobotka, said today.

China should be involved more in the pressure on North Korea, Sobotka said after meeting Abe.

“At any rate, we support the efforts of the international community to ease the tension in the region,” Sobotka said.

“It is apparent that the tests of nuclear arms and ballistic weapons violate United Nations resolutions, escalating tension,” Sobotka said.

“The pressure of the international community on the North Korean regime must continue. It should stop with the arms efforts threatening the region. South Korea, Japan and other countries feel threatened by the activities of the North Korean regime,” he added.

Sobotka stressed the role of China, North Korea’s closest diplomatic ally and the main supplier of economic aid to this poor country.

He said it was vital for Beijing to be more active in the question of North Korea.

Sobotka told Czech journalists that regarding North Korea, the Czech Republic had a specific role.

“If I am not mistaken, we are among the seven countries with a functioning embassy in North Korea. We also cooperate with Japan when it comes to our knowledge of the North Korean environment. We are certainly ready to help Japan deal with the situation of its citizens if Japan turns to us,” Sobotka said.

He said human rights were massively violated in North Korea. The Czech Republic will support all the activities to reprieve the situation, he added.


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