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Czech News in English » News » Politics » Poll: ANO would win Czech elections now, SPD on rise

Poll: ANO would win Czech elections now, SPD on rise

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Prague, Aug 27 (CTK) – The ANO movement would win the Czech general election, if held now, with 26.5 percent of the vote, followed by its government partner Social Democrats (CSSD) with 14.5 percent and the opposition Communists (KSCM) with 13 percent, Median agency’s fresh election model has shown.

Seven parties would enter the Chamber of Deputies.

The Civic Democrats (ODS) would gain 10 percent of the vote, while the other rightist opposition party, TOP 09, would gain 9 percent.

The junior government Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL) would gain 6.5 percent and Tomio Okamura’s opposition Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD) 6 percent.

No other party would cross the 5-percent threshold.

The closest to the threshold would be the Pirates and the Mayors and Independents (STAN), which would gain 3.5 percent each.

Compared with the previous Median model, ANO would lose one percentage point, which, however, is a change within a margin of error.

Nevertheless, Median says the survey took mostly place before the police asked the Chamber of Deputies to release ANO leaders Andrej Babis and Jaroslav Faltynek for prosecution over a suspected subsidy fraud.

“It cannot be ruled out that the affair will influence voters’ support for ANO in the surveys to follow,” Daniel Prokop, from the Media, said.

Median polls have shown a decline in the KSCM’s popularity since the spring and a steady mild rise of the SPD.

According to Median, ANO may gain up to 32 percent of the vote if ballots for it were cast by all voters who are considering supporting it and do not rule out their participation in the October 20-21 general election.

Nevertheless, the firm core of pro-ANO voters has shrunk from 21 to 17 percent, compared with previous polls, Median said.

Median conducted the poll on 1,043 respondents from July 26 to August 23.


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