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HN: ODS may choose Kubera as its presidential candidate

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Prague, Aug 28 (CTK) – Senator Jaroslav Kubera, the mayor of Teplice, north Bohemia, may become the presidential candidate of the opposition Civic Democratic Party (ODS), although the decision will only be made after the October general election, daily Hospodarske noviny (HN) writes today.

None of the Czech parties have officially announced their candidates for the presidential election due on January 12-13, 2018.

“We will only announce the name of the right candidate after the general election,” party leader Petr Fiala said.

It may also happen that the party will support an independent candidate, he added.

ODS deputy Miroslava Nemcova said Fiala was conducting active talks with some people the ODS might back, HN writes.

“He has informed us that he has spoken with some people and he is making a determined search for a candidate,” she told the paper.

She was among the personalities addressed by Fiala, but she refused his offer.

Zbynek Stanjura, chairman of the ODS deputy group, said the ODS would return to the choice of the candidate right after the October election.

“It is our objective that President Milos Zeman should not continue in the office. Hence our search for a party or other candidate who stands a chance of defeating him,” Stanjura said.

In the choice, the ODS wants to avoid the situation from the latest election held in 2013. Its candidate Premysl Sobotka proved a total failure with only 2.5 percent of the vote, while Zeman received 24.2 percent in the first round of the election, HN writes.

The ODS may choose Kubera as such a man, HN writes.

He has repeatedly defended his post of Teplice mayor and he is seriously considering whether to run.

“If the ODS finds a candidate who would be a real star, I would not run. So far, such a personality has not appeared,” Kubera told the paper.

Kubera said the party board had to take into account whether such a candidate would enjoy the biggest possible support not only within the ODS, but also outside it.

He said he felt he had such a backing.

“I am receiving a tremendous number of messages and e-mails saying that I should run and that the people will vote for me,” Kubera said.

“I thank very much for the support, I am unable to even react to it,” he added.

Zeman has announced that he will seek re-election.

Candidatures have been announced by Former Science Academy (AV) chairman Jiri Drahos, 68, who is considered an election favourite, lyricist and former successful businessman Michal Horacek, 65, Vratislav Kulhanek, 73, former chairman of the Skoda car maker’s board, and doctor and activist Marek Hilser, 41.

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