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Czech News in English » News » Politics » Looking back at the work of Minister Vojtěch

Looking back at the work of Minister Vojtěch

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Table of Contents

During the last summer, while Health Minister Adam Vojtěch was still in the position for his first time, he became the laughing stock of both the PM Andrej Babiš and the opposition when he proposed that children should wear facemasks when they would enter school in September 2020. Looking back at the pandemic, perhaps he could have prevented the November surge in weekly deaths, which even surpassed the 200 mark, if his idea had been greenlighted. The main obstacle for this was the PM, who is now often blamed for the more than 30,000 deaths due to the virus in our country. Luckily, Adam Vojtěch stayed cautious, and now that he is back in his role of Health Minister, things are turning for the better again. Furthermore, he announced that he is no longer seeking a career in politics after the elections, so his decisions now seem to have more pure intentions. Retrospectively, many praise Adam Vojtěch now, as in hindsight, it is clear that he took the job no-one wanted, did it quite well, and is doing it again now. Now, he shared that his Ministry has prepared a number of scenarios for fall, as another wave of the virus could be imminent despite vaccinations and natural immunity of the public. The only specific plan shared by him is the promise, that under no circumstances, shops and services will be closed by the government this fall.

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