Prague, Oct 27 (CTK) – A new Czech government is not about to reverse the domestic or foreign policy, President Milos Zeman said at his regular meeting with foreign diplomats working in the Czech Republic on Friday.

The Czech Republic is past the election to the Chamber of Deputies and the talks on the new government may take some time, Zeman said.

However, the period without a government may not have a negative influence on stability and prosperity of the country. The Czech Republic is doing well and it is a safe country, he added.

“I firmly believe that no major changes will occur in the Czech domestic or foreign policy,” Zeman said.

“Former finance minister is very likely to become the new prime minister. That is all,” he added.

Zeman said earlier he would assign Andrej Babis (ANO), the election winner who served as a finance minister in the previous government until he was replaced with Ivan Pilny, to form the government.

Zeman told the representatives of almost 150 states that in Belgium there had been lengthy talks on forming a government.

He said even such a long period without a government had not harmed Belgium’s prosperity.

Zeman said he did not expect any protracted talks on the formation of a new government to damage the Czech Republic’s economic situation.

Like last year, Zeman appreciated the country’s good economic condition, citing the low jobless rate and a robust economic growth

The Czech Republic is a very safe country with no terrorist attacks, thanks to which the ambassadors do not have to feel threatened, Zeman said.

Zeman’s speech was followed by that of the Papal Nuncio who represented the whole diplomatic corps.

He thanked Zeman for having been invited them to the forthcoming celebrations of the Czech national holiday on October 28, founded 99 years ago.

The nuncio said Czechoslovakia’s foundation was associated with such values as freedom, democracy and respect to human rights.