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Dawn to cooperate with anti-Islam group

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Prague, Sept 8 (CTK) – The Czech opposition Dawn – National Interests party has struck a cooperation agreement with the Bloc Against Islam extra-parliamentary group that will back the Dawn in the regional, Senate and general polls, their heads, Miroslav Lidinsky and Martin Konvicka, respectively, said Tuesday.

“For us, the Dawn – National Interests is a long-term natural partner. We share many common programme objectives,” Konvicka told reporters, adding that the Dawn accepted the Bloc-proposed bills and proposals in the past.

“From the long-term point of view, it is impossible to oppose Islamisation by demonstrations or media appearances only. It is necessary to work in the Chamber of Deputies and force the cabinet to act, or [we must] assume responsibility and rule,” Konvicka said.

Lidinsky said the goal of the Dawn-Bloc alliance is its election success.

“We want to ensure the Czech Republic’s security, we want the protection of the Czech state border, we want to protect our country against illegal immigration and radical Islam,” Lidinsky said.

His Dawn – National Interests is a successor to the Dawn movement that entered parliament for the first time in the 2013 general election and that split earlier this year, left by its founder Tomio Okamura.

Okamura, together with another former Dawn member, Radim Fiala, established their own movement Freedom and Direct Democracy.

The Dawn has nine deputies in the 200-seat Chamber of Deputies.

The next Senate and regional elections are scheduled for 2016, the next general election for 2017.

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