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Bookmakers named the favourite candidates for the presidency of the Czech Republic, who will participate in elections in 2023. The leader is the Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (odds at 2.45: 1), followed by the former president Václav Klaus Sr. (odds at 5.5: 1) and General Petr Pavel (odds at  7: 1) according to Novinky.cz. The spokesman for the Fortuna betting company, Petr Šrain, told ČTK that the volume of bets already reached three million CZK with as many as 40% placed on Babiš’s victory. Interestingly, the company registered a 10,000 CZK-worth bet on the victory of a former Minister of Health, Roman Prymula. Fortuna currently has 58 candidates for bets. “In any case, the spectrum of favorites will continue toContinue Reading

President Tsai Ing-wen tweeted her congratulations to Czech Senate President Miloš Vystrčil late Wednesday, after he was re-elected to the position in a nearly unanimous vote earlier that day. Vystrčil, who has served as president of Czechia’s upper legislative chamber since Feb. 19, was re-elected Wednesday with support from 73 out of 77 senators.Continue Reading

During a hotly-contested election in which votes are still being counted, news agencies including AP, CNN, and Fox News have called the 2020 United States election for Joe Biden over incumbent Donald Trump early Saturday evening. Leaders from around the world have taken the opportunity to congratulate Biden on the historic win. “The support you received is a call by the American citizens for change,” wrote Czech President Miloš Zeman.Continue Reading

After the scandal which erupted earlier this month, Roman Prymula was removed from the position of the Minister of Health. On Thursday, the new Minister of Health was appointed – it became Jan Blatný, the Deputy of the University Hospital in Brno. After his night visit to a restaurant where he broke several of his own quarantine measures, Roman Prymula was asked to leave the office. Several days of speculations followed and some of the possible candidates for the now open position were Aleksi Šedo, the Deputy Minister of Health and Miroslav Ludvík, the ex-minister of Health and the director of the Motol hospital. The position was given to Jan Blatný, who is a Consultant Haematologist at the Department ofContinue Reading