Right after the end of the Olympics, the Paralympic games in Tokyo have taken place. Now that they are over, we can start celebrating the tremendous success of the Czech Paralympic team which did exceptionally well. In terms of medals, the team earned a total of 8. 2 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze medals. Out of the 28 athletes representing the Czech Republic at the Paralympics, Adam Peška, Arnošt Petráček, Anna Luxová and Aleš Kisý, have earn a podium finish in their respective disciplines. Jiří Suchánek and Petr Svatoš earned a bronze medal together in table tennis and the pair of David Drahonínský and Šárka Musilová managed to score two medals. Each earned a medal in archery alone and then they managed to excel together in archery doubles, which earned them a silver medal. While others were less lucky, the Czech Paralympic team as a whole presented itself in Japan in an excellent manner. In the overall ranking of nations, related to the sum of all medals won, the Czech Republic took 39th place. Bronze medalist Anna Luxová, who competes in hammer throw, carried the Czech flag during the closing ceremony.