Whether it be a USB cable of some sort or a different cable, almost all mobile devices need a charging cable. In the past, there have been some talks around different cable types delivering the same type of power, but recently, the European Commission finally came up with a specific proposal. It suggests that all manufacturers should be forced to start making devices chargeable with one single type of cable, the USB-C cable. This decision comes after years of waste in the electronics industry, caused by the production of outdated cables and their disposal by customers, once a new cable type came out. The theory behind this decision is, that if all people in the EU charge with the same cable, people will have to buy less chargers and in turn will produce less pollution. The main party against this proposal seems to be the American mobile device manufacturer Apple, which has the largest market share in the pool of companies that do not use USB-C type cables so far. However, if the European Parliament will support this proposal, Apple will have to adapt or leave the EU market. If passed, this decision will affect tablets, phones, cameras, speakers and headphones. Furthermore, this decision could also pave the way towards manufacturers not including chargers with new devices, which would decrease electronic waste tremendously. 

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