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ČSSD to rule along with Communists in 10 of 13 Czech regions

3 December 2012

Prague, Nov 30 (CTK) - The Social Democrats (CSSD) will rule along with the Communists in ten of the Czech Republic's 13 regions, it ensues from coalition deals the two parties, both in opposition on the national level, have signed or are going to sign based on the mid-October regional polls' results.

The CSSD won the elections in nine regions and the Communists in two.

Of the eleven regions, the only two in which the two parties will not rule together as the winning CSSD preferred a different ally are the Pardubicky and the Jihomoravsky regions, where the CSSD has formed the governments with the Coalition for Pardubicky Region and the leftist Citizens' Rights Party (SPOZ), and with the centrist Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL), respectively.

On the other hand, a CSSD-KSCM government has been established in the Plzensky region, though the elections in it were narrowly won by the right-wing Civic Democrats (ODS), before the CSSD.

Besides, the winning CSSD will rule together with the KSCM in the Stredocesky, Jihocesky, Kralovehradecky, Olomoucky and Moravskoslezsky regions.

In the Zlinsky region, the CSSD will rule together with the KSCM and the SPOZ.

In the Vysocina region, the CSSD has formed a minority regional government supported by the KSCM.

In all these regions the CSSD has occupied or will occupy the posts of regional governor.

Furthermore, KSCM-CSSD governments have emerged in both regions in which the KSCM won the polls - Karlovarsky and Ustecky.

In the Karlovarsky region, the KSCM let the post of governor to the runner-up CSSD, while the country's first ever Communist governor has been installed the Ustecky region.

The Liberecky region that is, apart from Plzensky, the only one in which neither the CSSD nor the KSCM won the polls, has a new government comprising two local groupings, the victorious Mayors for the Liberecky Region and the Change for the Liberecky Region.

In the previous election term, the posts of all governors were held by the CSSD.

Review of the new regional councils (governments) as formed or agreed-upon by parties after the October 12-13 Czech regional elections:
Region Coalition Governor (some yet to be elected)
Stredocesky, central Bohemia CSSD, KSCM** Josef Rihak (CSSD)
Jihocesky, south Bohemia CSSD, KSCM Jiri Zimola (CSSD, re-elected)
Plzensky, west Bohemia CSSD, KSCM Milan Chovanec (CSSD, re-elected)
Karlovarsky, west Bohemia KSCM, CSSD Josef Novotny (CSSD, re-elected)
Ustecky, north Bohemia KSCM, CSSD Oldrich Bubenicek (KSCM)
Liberecky, north Bohemia Mayors for Liberecky Region, Change for Liberecky Region Martin Puta (Mayors)
Kralovehradecky, east Bohemia CSSD, KSCM Lubomir Franc (CSSD, re-elected)
Pardubicky, east Bohemia CSSD, Coalition for Pardubicky Region (KDU-CSL, SNK ED, Independents), SPOZ Martin Netolicky (CSSD)
Vysocina, southeast Bohemia-south


CSSD with KSCM's support Jiri Behounek (unaffiliated for CSSD)
Jihomoravsky, south Moravia CSSD, KDU-CSL Michal Hasek (CSSD, re-elected)
Olomoucky, central Moravia CSSD, KSCM Jiri Rozboril (CSSD)
Zlinsky, southeast Moravia CSSD, KSCM, SPOZ Stanislav Misak (CSSD, re-elected)
Moravskoslezsky, north Moravia CSSD, KSCM Miroslav Novak (CSSD)

** In the Stredocesky region, the Social Democrats have granted posts in the regional council to the KSCM but they say no coalition agreement has been signed but only an agreement on CSSD-KSCM cooperation in the region. The opposition ODS says this actually amounts to striking a coalition.

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