Friday, 23 February 2018
Czech Republic and the EU | Radio Prague

Amid recent heightened talk about the possibilities a Czech exit from the European Union or a referendum about it, a survey of five Central Europe countries has sought to gauge how positive local populations are towards the European concept. The main takeaway headline from the survey appears to be that most Czechs are still positive towards Europe. In fact, 54% of Czechs would like to stay in, 34% would like to leave, and 12% couldn't say.

Sport | Radio Prague

Twenty years since Nagano, the Czech hockey team has again edged the United States in the men's quarterfinal at the Winter Olympics. At these games, it was a close affair, with the match coming down to a penalty shootout.



Politics | ČTK

A government of the ANO movement and Social Democrats (ČSSD) with the Communists' (KSČM) support is the only alternative brought to the table at present, PM in resignation and ANO chairman Andrej Babiš said after his talks with the ČSSD leaders on Wednesday.

National | ČTK

The Czech Republic slightly improved its position in the global Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) in 2017 after a downfall a year ago, according to the evaluation published by Transparency International (TI) on Wednesday.

Prague | Prague TV

Action on a plan to address smog in Prague will likely not take place until after the municipal elections in the fall. City Councilors failed to vote on the issue and instead asked for more data and research.

Business | Real Estate | Prague Connect

Ian Bryan Architects (IBA), one of the Czech Republic's leading international architectural practices marks its 20th anniversary this year. The firm is headed up by the architects Ian Bryan and Eduard Trembulak.

Business | Prague Connect

Karel Krejci is the CEO of Krejci Working Capital Solutions and he will be talking about the world of 'fintech' (IT solutions for the finance sector) during the Feb. 28 Master Speaker event at Prague College.

Cinema | Prague TV

The 11th edition of the Japanese film and culture festival Eigasai 2018 begins in Prague's Lucerna cinema Feb. 22. All films will have Czech and English subtitles.

Prague | Sport | Prague TV

Prague is preparing for an official reception for the Czech competitors from the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and a public showing of the ice hockey final if the Czech team competes.

Life | Prague TV

Prague Zoo will mark International Polar Bear Day on Saturday, Feb 24, with a parade of plush animals. Visitors who come to the zoo with a plush polar bear toy can enter for a symbolic price of CZK 1.

Opinion | Emerging Europe

Czexit will not happen overnight, but the conditions have never been as favourable before. If it indeed happens, its impact on this medium-sized country surrounded by EU member states will nevertheless far exceed even the worst-case scenario Britain is currently looking at.