Thursday, 25 August 2016
National | Radio Prague

Vladimír Eisenbruk will be appointed a Czech ambassador to Cuba, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed on Wednesday. Mr Eisenbruk, who previously served as an ambassador in Costa Rica, Mexico and Peru, will be the first Czech ambassador to the country after 27 years. Until now, both the Czech Republic and Cuba have been represented in the other country by a charge d'affaires.

Business | Radio Prague

According to Agriculture Minister Marian Jurečka, less than 50 percent of red meat in domestic supermarkets is of Czech origin. In the future, he made has clear, he will be aiming for the numbers to improve.



National | ČTK

A district court did not qualify the hanging out of red boxer shorts at Prague Castle, the Czech president's seat, by the Ztohoven artistic group as a crime on Wednesday and it sent the case to the Prague 1 Town Hall to deal with it as a suspected misdemeanour.

Prague | Prague TV

The city is going to have one of the biggest shutdown of its water system for many years. Due to the renovation of a water main, water will not flow from 8 am on Aug. 25 to 10 pm on Aug. 29.

National | Newstalk ZB

A foreign tramper has been waiting for nearly a month at a remote South Island hut to be saved after her partner was killed falling down a slope in the South Island.

Business | Radio Prague

The Prague-based company Homeport, which is operating successful bike sharing schemes all around the world, including Great Britain, France or Saudi Arabia, is planning to launch its services in Prague.

Life | Prague TV

In the future, it may just take a few minutes to go from Prague to Brno using a hyperloop that allows travel at the speed of sound. The South Moravian capital, which has become a high-tech center in recent years, has begun looking into the project.

Arts | Prague TV

Red Hot Chili Peppers are just about to kick off their European 2016 tour, and a few tickets are still available for the Prague show at O2 Arena on Sept. 4.

Life | ČTK

Bouzov Castle in the Olomouc Region will remain the property of the Czech state, the district court ruled on Wednesday, rejected a lawsuit filed by the Teutonic Order that claimed the castle's return within the church restitution.

Life | ČTK

A group of fans has "miraculously" succeeded in resurrecting the Moravian Warmblood, a horse breed that was considered extinct, after 20 years of effort, daily Právo reports.

Opinion | ČTK

Czech President Milos Zeman's attitude to migration does not find any understanding in Germany, Czech-German relations expert Kai-Olaf Lang, from the Science and Policy Foundation (SWP), said on Wednesday.