Sunday, 20 January 2019
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German renewable energy developer ABO Wind has sold eight French wind farms, with a total capacity of 116.5MW, to Czech energy group ČEZ. "In light of our excellent cooperation it was an obvious choice to expand our partnership," explained Andreas Höllinger, chairman of the ABO Wind management board. According to the agreement, ABO Wind will connect the projects, which are in various stages of development, to the French national grid over the next few years and will also take on the operational management.

Business | Radio Prague

A direct flight line connecting Prague with Bangkok could be established by the end of 2019. The plan is the result of a meeting between a Czech delegation led by Prime Minister Andrej Babiš and representatives of Malaysian airline Air Asia, in Bangkok. If the plan goes ahead the prime minister believes it would help boost trade and tourism.



National | Business | Radio Prague

Amid continuing uncertainty over Brexit, Czech officials are pushing to speed up the approval of a government bill which would protect the rights of British nationals living in the Czech Republic in the event that Great Britain leaves the EU with no deal. The bill would ensure that British nationals would have the same rights as all EU citizens up until the end of 2020.

Business | Prague Daily Monitor

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš arrived in Ahmedabad, the capital of India's Gujarat state, to attend the Vibrant Gujarat investment summit, on Thursday evening. Babis is being accompanied by Industry & Trade Minister Marta Nováková and a delegation of Czech business bigwigs.

National | Prague TV

Illegal immigration to the Czech Republic in 2018 did not change much compared to the previous year, according to the Czech Foreign Police. "The situation of illegal migration in the Czech Republic is stabilized, and our country is not a main transit or destination country for migrant foreigners," Foreign Police spokeswoman Kateřina Rendlová told the press.

Business | Radio Prague

According to legend, Bohemian hops were so prized King Wenceslas ordered the death penalty for anyone caught exporting cuttings from which plants could be grown. But with beer consumption and pub visits down at home, big Czech brewers rely on exports to make up the difference, while trying to lure locals back with craft-style and limited-run beers.

Dining | Prague TV

Czech brewer Plzeňský Prazdroj is exploring using spent malt to make wheat cookies. The idea is so far only in a test phase, but both savory and sweet varieties have been made in small batches.

Prague | Prague TV

Passengers can now find connections for the entire Prague Integrated Transit (PID) network, including trains and extraordinary announcements, on Google Maps, as up-to-date date is being made publicly accessible.

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Skier-snowboarder Ester Ledecká has decided to compete in the Alpine skiing world championships next month instead of the snowboard worlds.

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