Friday, 21 September 2018
Czech Republic and the EU | Politico

A watchdog group has lodged a complaint with the European Commission over concerns that Czech PM Andrej Babiš may be violating EU budget conflict-of-interest rules. In an open letter, Transparency International's Czech chapter argued Wednesday that although Babiš, who built a business empire before entering politics, is no longer the formal owner of conglomerate Agrofert, he is still "the founder and 100% end-user of benefits" of the two trusts overseeing the firm.

Life | Radio Prague

Her beauty and mind were said to have been beyond compare. But when the remains of Judita of Thuringia were first unearthed sixty years ago in the Benedictine monastery of Teplice, there was no way to tell whether the royal chronicler hadn't rather exaggerated the feminine charms of the Queen consort of Bohemia. After all, she'd been dead for more than eight centuries. But now, thanks to a team of Czech scientists, archaeologists, artists – and a Brazilian expert in digital facial reconstruction – you can judge for yourself.



Prague | Prague TV

An altar has been returned to the chapel in the Old Town Hall after 73 years. The altar, designed by Czech architect Josef Mocker, was severely damaged on May 8, 1945, the last day of World War II in Europe.

Business | The Guardian

The transition from state socialism to capitalism has created deep feelings of injustice among those in manual jobs.

Prague | Prague TV

Trains on the metro C line will be overhauled so their lifespan can be extended another 15 years. The Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) is negotiating with Siemens on conditions and details for work on 53 model Metro M1 subway trains.

Business | Prague Connect

Honorary Consul of ČR in Montreal and a partner of CMKZ law office in Montreal will present and discuss practical experiences and advices how to use benefits of CETA and expand your business to Canada.

Prague | Prague TV

Pedestrian deaths are rising. Some 24 people have died so far this year in traffic accidents in Prague, which is seven more than in all of last year, Traffic Police head Tomáš Lerch said on the European Day Without a Road Death (EDWARD), held Sept. 19.

Life | Brno Daily

Two new car-shaped bicycle racks were installed at two locations in the center of Brno on Monday, to mark this year's European Mobility Week.

Life | Prague TV

The annual block party in Prague's Vinohrady was well organized, some great food stands, a lot of good music, and lots of happy faces all day long!

Dining | Life | Prague TV

The international BBQ festival La Parrillada brings together live music, dance workshops, and food vendors from different countries.