Wednesday, 4 May 2016
Business | Radio Prague

The OKD hard coal company, belonging to New World Resources which is in controlled by the by the so-called Ad Hoc Group, filed for insolvency on Tuesday; the move had been expected after the government made clear last week it would not step in to help the long-ailing firm. The company issued a statement that it had filed with an aim to "restructure the company and maintain viable operations". The government expressed a commitment to help miners who could soon be out of work.

National | ČTK

The first solar bench in the Czech Republic where people can recharge their telephones and tablets and whose prototype was presented by a team of students and scientists in Prague in 2015, was launched in the Václav Havel Park in Litoměřice on Tuesday.



Czech Republic and the EU | ČTK

The EU's visa regime with Turkey can be liberalised only if Ankara duly meets all benchmarks, Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka said on Twitter on Tuesday.

National | Radio Prague

A thaw in diplomatic relations between the Czech Republic and Cuba should soon see the two countries appointing ambassadors and reviving trade ties that go back half a century. Czech government officials stress that the "renaissance" in bilateral relations does not mean that Prague will in future abandon the human rights agenda in negotiations with Havana.

National | ČTK

The salaries in the Czech health care will rise by 10 percent as of January 1, 2017, the coalition government, regional authorities, the doctors' chamber and trade unions agreed on Tuesday.

National | Radio Prague

Čáslav Airport has become the first military base in the country to offer families child group services. Legislation covering so-called 'child groups' was introduced last year to offer parents an alternative when they were left no other option.

Arts | ČTK

A Poetry Periscope, or a poetry jukebox which cafe owner Ondrej Kobza previously invented and installed in the Czech Republic, has been launched outside the British Library in London and is set to later tour more places in Britain.

Life | Prague TV

Fun and competitive running in Prague and a list of May races

Life | Prague Connect

The long-running weekend tournament that supports education has its 36th edition in May

Life | Prague TV

Barlife proudly presents the third edition of Rumfest – the celebration of true sugar cane rum. This year's event will be held 7 May at Novoměstská radnice.

Dining | Prague Wandering

Martin Barák makes what is likely the world's best rolled apple pastry.