Thursday, 17 October 2019
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The Czech Republic will have to build new nuclear power plants to replace aging coal and nuclear capacity even if they are in breach of European law, Prime Minister Andrej Babis said on Wednesday. The government wants CEZ to lead the nuclear projects but the 70% state-owned electricity producer has demanded state guarantees the plants would be both viable and deliver returns to shareholders. Babis has advocated nuclear power as a low-carbon alternative to coal, which now produces about 50% of power.

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More and more shoppers are turning to thrift stores as a waste-free alternative to supporting the commercial fashion industry. Nowhere more so than in the Czech capital where a new generation of boutiques are appealing to eco-conscious customers with a talent for finding secondhand treasure.



Business | Radio Prague

The Czech Republic has dropped by three positions to 32nd place in the World Economic Forum's 2019 Global Competitiveness Report. Despite that, Czechia remains the most competitive economy in Central Europe, suggests the rating. It finished behind Estonia, but ahead of the other Visegard Four countries, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary.

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Anonymity online is frequently not what it seems, and those who post hateful content have to know that they can be tracked and held accountable for it, according to Supreme State Prosecutor Pavel Zeman, who spoke at a conference about "Hatred on the Internet" on Wednesday. Zeman said Romani people continue to be the most frequent targets of hateful prejudice on the Czech Internet.

Prague | Radio Prague

A meteorological column erected on the Prague square Vítězné náměstí in 1914 has just been restored. It is one of only two remaining such columns in the Czech capital, though in the past they were a common sight in the city and indeed throughout the country. I discussed the restoration job and more with Eva Heyd of the Czech National Trust, who initiated the project.

Business | Brno Daily

Reducing food waste and getting food to those in society who need it most – those are the two main goals of 10 new food donation boxes that have been placed in Tesco hypermarkets in and around Brno by the organisation Food Banks.

National | Radio Prague

When most people think of mummies, images of Egyptian pharaohs (or perhaps Hollywood B movies) likely first spring to mind. But in the Czech lands, too, there are quite a few conserved mummies, coming principally from the Renaissance era. Probably the best-known Czech mummies are in the Klatovy catacombs of the former Jesuit church.

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The 21st International Design Festival starts today. It will introduce installations by 348 designers, producers, and schools. The motives especially resonating this year will be sustainable production and technologies, and experimenting with materials.

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The Bohemian Spirit restaurant, which offers Czech specialties such as svíčková, duck with cabbage and bramboračka in New York City, is among more than a hundred businesses where Michelin inspectors say people eat well without spending excessive sums.

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In honor of World Bread Day on October 16, these are some of the most traditional Czech breads and tips for where to try or buy them in Prague.

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The monthly get-together for expats organized by Foreigners Prague and Prague.TV will be held at the Globe Bookstore and Café today from 7pm.