Tuesday, 16 October 2018
Politics | Prague Daily Monitor

Hospodářské noviny reports that the ruling coalition comprised of ANO and the Social Democrats will now be more dependent on the Communists in the lower house to pass critical legislation. This is due to the fact that the Senate will now be under the control of the opposition, after both the ruling parties failed poorly in the weekend's elections. It is expected that the Senate will return key legislation to the Chamber, especially on issues that concern labour and expansion of government.

Prague | Prague TV

Police are cracking down on drug dealers in the city center. A large-scale planned raid took place Oct. 12 at 10 pm with 140 officers from the Prague division of the Alien Police, five customs officers and two trained dogs. They were divided into three groups that covered Wenceslas Square, Old Town Square and Můstek.



Politics | Prague Daily Monitor

In a no-holds-barred interview with Czech Radio's Radiožurnál program, President Miloš Zeman warned his former party, the Social Democrats about an impending split after the debacle of the communal and Senate elections, as voices rose against current leader Jan Hamáček. He also added that the Senate was an unnecessary institution in the Czech Republic because voters had little confidence in its abilities and it deserved to be scrapped.

Business | Radio Prague

A number of companies are in the running for lucrative contracts to build new nuclear units in the Czech Republic. Now the head of the State Office for Nuclear Safety says that a South Korean firm looks best placed to get the job. Dana Drábová says KHNP currently has the best references in regards to finishing construction on time and on budget.

National | Prague TV

Czech road deaths have increased compared to last year. In the first nine months of 2018 some 410 people have died, which is 43 more year on year. Some 1,857 people were badly injured and 19,338 were slightly injured. These were also slight increases.

Prague | Prague Morning

The square in front of the Intercontinental Hotel in Prague has now been named the Miloš Forman Square. The Oscar-winning director, Miloš Forman, died on April 13th this year at the age of 86. The director's family responded positively to the naming of the site.

Politics | Brno Daily

Attorney and career politician Markéta Vaňková has become the second woman to hold the highest political position in the city, after constitutional judge Dagmar Lastovecká (ODS).

Prague | Life | Prague TV

Most of Prague's farmers markets will operate into the late fall and winter, except the ones at Tylovo náměstí and Anděl.

Life | Brno Daily

Two eco-oriented Czech students suggested - already two years ago - an alternative to plastic bags: Frusack – a bio-recyclable bag for fruits and vegetables made of corn cellulose.

Life | CU Media

Anyone interested in the history of hot chocolate, tea and coffee would be thrilled to sit down with Karel Černý - the head of Prague's Institute of Medicine and Foreign Languages at Charles University's First Faculty of Medicine - as we did.

Life | Jobspin.cz

The next JobSpin Job Fair takes place November 3 at Anglo-American University in Prague.