Friday, 24 January 2020
National | Prague Daily Monitor

The air quality last year in the Ostrava area was the best in five years. The fact that it was the second warmest year since 1961 was a big help as less heating of buildings was required. In addition, there were good conditions for diffusing pollution in the area. In 2019 there was only one smog episode recorded lasting 94 hours; this in contrast to 322 hours in 2018 or 760 hours in 2017. There was also less dust measured by experts.

National | Prague Daily Monitor

More than 30 years after the Fall of Communism in the Czech Republic, many of the stories of those targeted during the worst era of the regime are being forgotten as dissidents forced to work in labor camps are dying off.



Finance | Radio Prague

A private Czech foundation has decided to donate an unprecedented sum of money in the history of Czech philanthropy to science. Hana and Dalimil Dvořák, both leading chemists, have pledged to contribute 200 million crowns over the next two decades to dozens of chemistry and science students. The money comes from patent royalties from antiviral drugs used to treat HIV.

Business |

The dream of many a modern employee, talk of a four day workweek has made headlines around the world this month after 34-year-old Finnish PM Sanna Marin proposed her vision of "the next step for us in working life," which includes six-hour workdays and a four-day workweek in the Scandinavian country. Might the same concept be headed to the Czech Republic?

Prague | Prague Daily Monitor

The flaming phenomenon, romantically released into the night sky, will now get the launcher in trouble with the authorities. The bill was approved by Prague representatives. The ban is part of a larger bill banning amateur pyrotechnics in its entirety.

Finance | Prague Daily Monitor

The companies that currently run the oligopoly for "stravenky," or lunch vouchers, will lose if the Ministry of Finance allows companies to simply give a set amount of money tax free to employees. The Ministry has proposed the plan as of 2021. The employers, employees and enterprises which accept the vouchers will gain.

National | Brno Daily

A newly launched map showing the location of waste disposal points is designed to help people dispose of their rubbish legally and almost always for free. The map currently features almost 40,000 locations in the whole republic and around 2,400 for the Brno area.

Life | Prague Daily Monitor

The funding drive continues. We have raised almost CZK 50,000 in the first 6 days of the drive, a big thank you to our readers and supporters.

Life | Taiwan News

The Taipei City government has presented several Taiwanese pangolins to the Prague Zoological Garden to celebrate the friendship between the two cities.

Arts |

The National Theatre's first opera premiere of the new decade is Giacomo Puccini's Turandot, which returns to the Historical Building of the National Theater in Prague after more than 40 years.