Friday, 4 December 2020
Business | Prague Daily Monitor

On Thursday, restaurants, cafes, shops and other services reopened as Czechia entered the third level of PES. While there are already thousands of reservations to restaurants for the upcoming days, businesses shared how they will be dealing with a flood of customers. Currently, the most populated areas are hairdressing salons where people queue long before the opening hours. They are followed by beauty salons and stores with Christmas decorations.

National | Radio Prague

One of the oldest and most popular Czech sweets, Hašlerky, are celebrating their 100th anniversary. The black-coloured hard candies with a distinct aniseed flavour, which are named after the famous singer and songwriter Karel Hašler, were first manufactured in Prague in December 1920.



National | Prague Daily Monitor

In September, a massive contamination of Bečva River was discovered to have killed over 40 tonnes of fish, prompting an investigation by Czech police. The exact cause of the poisoned water has yet to be found, but speculation is mainly focused on a nearby chemical plant whose officials deny any wrong doing.

Czech Republic and the EU | Radio Prague

The Czech state will be forced to return "hundreds of millions" of crowns due to Prime Minister Andrej Babiš's ongoing conflict of interest and improper disbursement of EU funds, a Czech opposition MEP on the European Parliament's budget control committee says, citing the final European Commission audit.

National | Prague Daily Monitor

The Prime Minister Andrej Babiš rejected the Minister of Health, Jan Blatný's, proposal to monitor the phones of those citizens who tested positive for Covid-19. Jan Blatný proposed to the central office of the State Hygiene Service to be able to access the location data of the infected citizens from mobile operators.

National | Radio Prague

As the coronavirus crisis deepens thousands of people are desperate for advice on how best to resolve their personal problems. One of the people out there who is working hard to help Czechs survive the crisis is writer, lawyer and former justice minister, Daniela Kovářová, who set up a Corona-helpline for the public in the spring.

Business | Real Estate | Radio Prague

While other areas of the economy are struggling, the Czech real estate market is continuing to grow, Hospodářské noviny reported on Thursday. Property prices are likewise on the up, the business daily said.

Arts | Radio Prague

Regarded by many outsiders as a Romany ghetto, Brno's Zábrdovice district is commonly referred to by the nickname "Bronx". Now a new project entitled Městská galerie (Municipal Gallery) is brightening up the area with huge murals by leading Czech artists.

Life | Romea

Prima TV has launched a new reality show based on a formula that has found millions of viewers elsewhere in the world. In "The Millionaire Among Us", seven millionaires agree to enter social situations that are far removed from their everyday lives from one day to the next and to spend a week there.

Arts | Rio Grande Guardian

In 1894, composer Antonin Dvorak completed a song cycle in English that was translated from the 1579 Czech version of the Bible. Elyse Anne Kakacek uses Dvorak's English text of the Bible in her album "Formless."