Monday, 17 June 2019
Business | Radio Prague

The Czech Republic's economic growth is expected to continue at a rate of around 2.5 percent, the International Monetary Fund predicted in a press release on Thursday. Inflation is expected to go down and unemployment levels will rise. The head of the organisation also warned of the large impact that American tolls on European products would have on the Czech economy.

National | Radio Prague

The Czech Foreign Ministry has presented its Gratias Agit awards honouring individuals and groups that promote the good name of the Czech Republic internationally. Among those recognised were the world-renowned plastic surgeon Bohdan Pomahač and the Russian NGO Memorial.



National | Radio Prague

The National Museum in Prague has been granted a unique license to carry out archaeological research in Syria. A team of Czech and Syrian archaeologists will be exploring a location in the coastal province of Latakia, the former site of the ancient port city of Ugarit.

National | The Times of Israel/AFP

Czech journalists and media analysts are raising alarm over the "threat" to the country's public media from mounting pressure on the press by populist politicians. The Czech parliament is likely to propel Michal Semín, a journalist and writer who has blamed American elites for the 9/11 terror attacks, onto the ČTK council.

Czech Republic and the EU | Radio Prague

In 2009 the Eastern Partnership, a project seeking closer ties between the EU and its Eastern European neighbours was proclaimed in Prague. Ten years later, the union is evaluating its progress and searching for prospective strategies. Whatever the future brings, it seems that this is likely to be a long-haul effort.

Business | Prague Leadership Institute

"It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves." To me, there is something very special when someone, who has achieved greatness, finds a way to convert their achievement into a common-sense insight that we all can use in our daily lives. Sir Edmund's quote is such a wonderful example of this.

Life | France 24/AFP

Star banjo player Ned Luberecki is one of several renowned artists of the country and western style music to play banjos and mandolins made by Rosta Capek.

Arts | Prague TV

John Zorn, an ever-evolving saxophonist/multi-instrumentalist and composer, is taking his Bagatelles Marathon project to Europe. He stops in Prague on June 20.

Arts | Radio Prague

Many Czechs remember the concert of American folk musician Joan Baez's in Bratislava on 10 June 1989 as one of the signs of the approaching fall of communism.