Thursday, 28 May 2015
Czech Republic and the EU | ČTK

Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka rejected the quotas for distribution of refugees in the EU in reaction to the two-year programme for accepting 20,000 of them by EU countries that the European Commission presented yesterday. Sobotka repeatedly said quotas and distribution of refugees are no solution to the present migration crisis The EC has asked the Czech Republic to take in over 1,300 asylum seekers from Syria and Eritrea who are already in Italy and Greece.

National | ČTK

The number of spots designated as ghettos in the Czech Republic has doubled since 2006, according to a report prepared for the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs by the company GAC



Prague | ČTK

Drinking water in Prague's Dejvice vicinity that became bacteria-contaminated at the weekend, will remain undrinkable for another two days at least, Mayor Ondřej Kolář said yesterday, adding that the town hall will lodge a complaint against an unknown perpetrator over the contamination.

Politics | ČTK

The Czech judiciary should prosecute former pre-1989 communist leaders such as Milouš Jakeš and Lubomír Strougal over their responsibility for the death of many people who perished while trying to cross the Iron Curtain, Deputy PM Pavel Bělobrádek said in the Chamber of Deputies yesterday.

Business | ČTK

Andy Warhol's artefacts will be sold in insolvency proceedings over the bankruptcy of the Czech Makum gallery, daily Mladá fronta Dnes (MfD) reported yesterday.

Life | ČTK

Antonín Jaroslav Liehm, 91, Czech critic, political writer and former communist and reform politician, was awarded the Tom Stoppard prize by the Charter 77 Foundation for his significant essayistic work yesterday.

Life | Prague Daily Monitor

The English version of the successful interactive project “Tinybut Likeus” (Malý Alenáš) is now available.

Life | The Prague Post

Grim final work by Leoš Janáček is set in a Siberian prison camp

Sport | Prague TV

Kick Off @ Atleticky Stadion Slavia, Praha 10 is on Saturday 30 May 2015