Tuesday, 16 July 2019
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The Social Democrats set a final condition for staying in the government, prolonging a political crisis that has brought the ruling coalition to the brink of collapse. The party said Monday it will leave the minority cabinet unless President Milos Zeman appoints their nominee for culture minister. A potential coalition breakup would be a blow for PM Andrej Babis. But the departure of his junior partner wouldn't automatically trigger early elections.

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Roadside advertisements have become illegal across the Czech Republic, but artistic installation are not specifically banned. Rather than take their distinctive eagle-shaped signs down, Karlovarské minerální vody (KMV), the maker of Mattoni bottled water, has been covering them over with concept art.



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The present level of digitization in public administration will be woefully inadequate in three to five years according to a survey among its employees conducted by CEEC Research. They are calling for faster progress in the field, with greater coordination and interconnectedness of the system.

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Preparatory work for the reconstruction of Břeclav Castle has unearthed a rare archaeological find –the remains of a medieval wall from the beginning of the 11th century.

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The edge of the moon will darken and turn a dusty shade of red on the night of July 16, when a partial lunar eclipse occurs. It is the last eclipse of any kind of the year that will be visible from Prague.

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World famous wax museum brand Madame Tussauds has opened a branch in Prague near Old Town Square. Visitors can see some 40 figures, and the number should grow.

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This year will be the 15th that Charles University's Jiří Vinopal has headed a famous survey mapping changes in Czech pubs and pub life. Learn how the Czech pub itself was reinvented and how the social aspect of pub life changed.

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Do you need to change money in Prague? Better look out for these tricks so you won't lose money.

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One of the most convenient spots for bathing and catching some rays in Prague is Žluté lázně, which is a tram ride down the Vltava to the Podolí neighbourhood.

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Buchlov Castle is about an hour away by car, not overrun with people and not overly taxing for day trips with young children.