Monday, 18 November 2019
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Thirty years ago Czechs took to the streets to demonstrate for freedom and democracy, for the chance to speak their mind without reprisals, to vote in free elections and shape their own future. Today they are taking stock of the country's successes and failures, of how far they have come along the road to a liberal democracy and market economy and whether the ideals of 1989 are still alive in people's hearts and minds.

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Saturday afternoon saw up to 300.000 supporters of the Million Chvilek movement meet at Letná Park to demonstrate against what they see as misuse of power by politicians. The movement has set an ultimatum for Premier Andrej Babiš to dispose of Agrofert and the Minister of Justice Marie Benešová, or himself resign.



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The 17th of November marked the 30th anniversary celebration of Freedom for Czechia. There were activities scheduled around the whole country, one of the largest being the Concert for a Future, on Václavské náměstí in central Prague. The event went very well and peacefully, with no incidents during the day.

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Vojtěch Jasný, a filmmaker who belonged to the new wave of Czechoslovak cinema in the 1960s, has died. He was 93. Slovácke divadlo, a theatre he frequently visited, said that Jasný died Friday. A family representative confirmed his death to the ČTK news agency.

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From November 20, Manifesto Markets in Prague at both Florenc and Smíchov locations will transform into winter wonderlands with lights, Christmas trees, and festive food & drink along with some holiday shopping from local retailers.

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While pubs around Prague are vying to attract visitors with a trendy, clean environment, good food and wide assortment of drinks, a pub in Prague's Jižní Město – a huge communist housing estate made of pre-fabricated panel buildings – has put its money on nostalgia and is making a profit from the fact that it is a throwback to the communist era.

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"Democracy is not about what can be done for us, but by us." What a wonderful insight this little gem of a quote offers. In order for a democracy to succeed, it is the responsibility of everyone to support it and contribute to it.

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An English-subtitled adaptation of David Bowie's farewell musical will appeal to fans of his original songs.

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Meatless burgers have been rolled out across most of Europe by Burger King.

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For thirty years, Vladimír Hanzel was Václav Havel's personal secretary. They met in 1986, brought together by a shared love of music. They also lived through the turbulent days of November 1989 together, which Hanzel recalled.

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I didn't realize how well things had turned out until I started to reflect on the early '90s.