Wednesday, 11 December 2019
National | Prague Daily Monitor

Million Moments continues to organize demonstrations against PM Andrej Babiš and the company held in trust Agrofert. On Tuesday, Million Moments claimed 80,000 people attended demonstrations on Václavské náměstí. The demonstrators continued to insist on the demise and resignation of Babiš, supported by many signs and banners using colourful pictures and words to describe the Premier. Babiš responded by saying he will not step down.

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A petition is calling for the expansion of pedestrian-friendly zones in Prague's city center. Pro-biking group Auto*Mat is behind the initiative. The group wants to restrict automobile traffic in parts of Old Town and Malá Strana so the areas will be friendlier to pedestrians.



National | Radio Prague

A gunman killed six people in a waiting room in Ostrava's Faculty hospital on Tuesday. The motive of the attack is still unclear, and the victims were shot in the head and neck at close range. The attacker who escaped from the scene later shot himself in the head as well.

Politics | Prague Daily Monitor

In the November poll political party ANO increased its portion of the voter pie by 1.8% to 34.9% of voters. The lead is growing as the next best parties Pirates and ODS would only 10.9% and 10.6% respectively. Losing voter interest are the left parties and the new TRIKOLORA party launched by Klaus junior.

Business | Radio Prague

Veteran cars are becoming increasingly rare at online auctions in the Czech Republic, the website e15 reports. The country's largest online auction website, Aukro, only sold some 299 veteran cars this year, compared to twice as many last year, and three times as many in 2017.

National | Prague Daily Monitor

Řeporyje local council passed a bill in which the city will build a monument to the fallen "Vlasovci," which died fighting during the final days of the Second World War during the Prague Uprising.

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American band Twenty One Pilots, one of the biggest names on the contemporary music scene, is the first confirmed headliner for the next edition of Colors of Ostrava taking place in summer 2020.

Arts | Prague TV

The cult performance of Circus La Putyk in Jan Maxián's orchestra will be accompanied by the Philharmonic Orchestra, which has rich experiences with live concerts of film music. The orchestra will perform under the baton of Chudei Iwasaki.

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The heart-warming Prague story for Christmas 2019: a Prague tram driver stops on his route to help a young boy find his family.