The Prague Monitor has recently informed about an explosion of a house in Koryčany. During the blast, one volunteer firefighter died, and another was trapped beneath the rubble. Unfortunately, this public servant also passed away. Such casualties are quite unusual for the volunteer section of the Czech firefighters, as they are usually deployed to less threatening situations than the professionals. Nevertheless, their lifesaving work is also dangerous, as we were reminded by this unexpected explosion. To honour the lives of their dead colleagues, firefighters across Czechia have flown black flags on their stations and held a minute of silence on Sunday. The Koryčany volunteer fire brigade remembered their dead colleagues on Facebook on Friday: “We and the bereaved families areContinue Reading

Do you love coffee as much as we do? If so, you are at the right place, and we have fantastic news for you! This Sunday, September 19, the Street Coffee Festival will take place in the Karlínské náměstí, an emerging area of Prague.  What should you expect? Let’s learn together.  Quick overview The event is dedicated to true coffee-lovers & baristas. On Sunday, the smell of coffee will fill Karlínské náměstí, and bring the joy of life to everyone!  There, you can find the best roasters and cafés, enjoy coffee rituals, alternative and classic coffee preparation, and there will also be the much-loved Cold Brew. As always, you can also look forward to a great food offer that will satisfy evenContinue Reading

A 24-year-old man has sadly passed away after police intervention on Sunday August 1st. Back then, the Prague Monitor informed that the young man was treated in hospital and his condition was dire. Then, the man passed away just a day later. Now, a month later, the Police publicly released the cause of death of the young man. Apparently, he passed away due to a critical case of cerebral oedema, which caused an insurmountable increase in pressure on the brain known as intracranial pressure. The injury which caused this likely occurred during the bar fight that preceded the arrival of the Police. This statement was released after a large scale internal investigation, classified as suspicion of the crime of negligentContinue Reading

On Wednesday September 15th, a house has exploded in Koryčany near Kroměříž. During the explosion 6 were injured. One of these people passed away, one person is still missing under the rubble, and three others had to be transported to nearby hospitals. The last victim of the blast only suffered minor injuries, so they only required the care of the paramedics who arrived to the site of the tragedy. Apparently, a crew of voluntary firefighters was working within the house when the explosion happened. They arrived there to resolve a gas leak reported by the inhabitants of the house. Thus, it is likely that it was the malfunctioning gas pipe that fuelled the explosion, which tore down the whole familyContinue Reading

The confirmation of a certain level of antibodies present in one’s blood system is currently not allowed as a replacement for a vaccination certificate, recently suffered covid or a negative test. The Ministry of Health still hasn’t finalized whether antibodies are a good enough reason to avoid covid vaccination. The minister said that people with adequate antibodies measurements should get vaccinated, however, the one-dosage vaccine by Johnson & Johnson should be sufficient. For patients that have already received two shots and also dealt with covid, the third one will not be required. There has been an ongoing discussion on the matter but the experts hesitate to come to a definite conclusion. The opposition and a majority of Czech politicians alongContinue Reading

The German low-cost airline Eurowings will open their new air base in Prague in the autumn, from which they will fly to 11 locations. They will hire more than a hundred employees. According to the company, there is great interest in job openings within the airline, with up to 6,000 applicants applying. The airline wants to focus mainly on regular flights from and to Prague. Jen Bischof, CEO of Eurowings, spoke to Czech media on Monday: “We are enthusiastic about such a response and the strong interest that our job offers have been met with in the Czech Republic,” said Bischof. The company is now conducting successive interviews. New employees will then be trained, while crews from Vienna will takeContinue Reading

On Sunday, firemen from Ústí and Labem were at work today on the D7 highway, as a large lorry caught on fire while traveling down the northwest-bound road from Prague to Chomutov. Luckily, the vehicle did not carry any overly-flammable cargo, so all three fire engines dispatched to the site managed to get to the fire before the flames, which seem to have originated from the front of the vehicle, reached much of the cargo. Nevertheless, the traffic on the highway has been severely limited by the incident, as the firemen closed both lanes of the road to allow them to safely tackle the inferno. The Ústí and Labem Fire department informed about this travel limitation on their official twitterContinue Reading

Even though our country does not boast any mountains large enough to attract the lovers of extreme mountain climbing, many Czechs are still in love with this sport and travel far and wide to defeat the peaks of large stone formations across the world. However, sometimes they can get in quite a lot of trouble, just like two Czech climbers just did with their guide on the Rakaposhi in Pakistan. Towering 7,788 metres above sea level, Rakaposhi is quite a formidable challenge, being the 27th tallest mountain on earth. The group has got stuck about 6,900 metres high up, and have requested rescue. The group did reach the mountaintop earlier this week, but they were stopped during their descend byContinue Reading

A beer festival, a drinking paradise, something we were all hoping for during those hot summer days. Luckily, we can enjoy a refreshing and cold sip of beer during the last days of Indian summer in Prague. Who thought we would have July weather in September? Not us, for sure!  Let’s see what the beer brewers have prepared for us this weekend. Dive into the unlimited flow of beers and cheers!  Nomad beer festival: fact check  The event welcomes more than twenty so-called flying breweries or breweries that were flying but have already landed. Beer tastings will be exclusively by the glass, gastronomy will be combined with beer, and many wonderful artists will perform great music. This year, the NomadContinue Reading

Those who will have to self-isolate or be in quarantine during the time of the 2021 Czech parliament elections will not have to worry, as the Ministry of Interior introduced a new way of voting for them today, so that their voices can be heard too. Drive-in voting stations will be set up across the country, to allow people, who will be otherwise forbidden from appearing around others, to vote. On the Ministry’s new website: , voters may educate themselves about this new voting method, the conditions under which it will be available, and soon also nearby locations. They can do so by reading the materials present on the website, or watching one of the eleven educational videos presentContinue Reading