The past two years have been difficult for many of us. The lockdowns, isolation, endless debates and ever-changing rules all contributed to feelings of being overwhelmed and losing control of our lives. Reality itself seemed uncertain. People handled this in various ways, not all of them healthy (yes, my alcohol consumption increased noticeably). Most of us know that escapism is not the way to go; facing your fears and worries head-on is the only way to overcome them. But that’s a difficult step to take, or at least it was for me. I managed to do it, though it left me wondering what else I could do to take back control of my life. Making Changes Last weekend I attendedContinue Reading

25|04|2022 – A virtual reality installation called The Infinite Library has opened at the Goethe-Institut in Prague, Czech Republic. It invites its visitors to multisensory exploration of topics such as Indian puppet theatre, the history of Polynesian navigation or medieval alchemy. “The Infinite Library is not overflowing with books. It is not a building. Nor does it evoke anything that evokes a traditional library. It is an experience that takes place inside a virtual cave with access to virtual chambers that serve as portals or microworlds that allow time travel,” explains Thomas Meyer, Director of Information at the Goethe-Institut for Central and Eastern Europe. The Infinite Library is a German touring installation that outlines the future of libraries as interactiveContinue Reading

The 8th Open House Prague festival is ready for the annual celebration of Prague’s architecture, this time taking place on May 16–22, 2022. On the weekend of May 21–22, the festival is set to open 101 buildings and spaces across Prague for free, and starting May 16, there is also going to be an eventful accompanying program featuring lectures, discussions, and special guided tours. The full list of all open buildings is now available at “We are opening not only industrial buildings and modern buildings with various awards for quality and eco-friendly technologies but also iconic, unique constructions which represent the historical and cultural wealth of Prague. We uncover unknown or hidden cultural projects of excellent architects, artists, andContinue Reading

For many years now, the 30th of April has been known as the International Jazz Day; and in Prague, the day has been regularly celebrated by the organizers of the Mladi Ladi Jazz festival. The festival has put together a grand celebration at the Karlovo Náměstí park, featuring an array of genres ranging from hundred-year-old saloon evergreens, through contemporary hip-hop, to straight out electronica. One of the names featured at the free-entry open-air event is the UK band Hidden Orchestra – a project formed by Brighton-based composer and producer Joe Acheson, who is often surrounded by excellent musicians with roots in various genres and styles. The international bill also features virtuoso ensemble Nubyian Twist, led by multi-instrumentalist Tom Excell –Continue Reading

Prague, Czech Republic – 18 March 2022 – A humanitarian mission launched within 24 hours of the conflict breaking out in Ukraine is delivering thousands of boxes of essential items to residents and collecting refugees at the Ukraine/Poland border to bring them to safety in the Czech Republic, Poland and Switzerland.   Freedom Boxes has been created by Stuart Watkins, who also owns software company Zenoo which is based in Prague. When the conflict began, Stuart, his family, and his team set about to do something to deliver help and provide hope to those affected by the invasion. With Freedom Boxes, the team has created an immediate way to directly help those in need.  The team is made up of peopleContinue Reading

Top child friendly cities for holidays revealed by OVO Network data Prague has been named the best city due to the city’s access to water and amusement parks. There are 15 per 1,000,000 residents and tourists, second to none in Europe. The average for European cities in the study is just 3, that’s a 500% difference in Prague’s favour. The Czech capital also ranks in first place for access to museums with no other country having more per 1,000,000 residents and tourists. More than Paris, Amsterdam, Milan and Berlin. There are 280 in the city, per capita, with other cities around Europe averaging 97. Prague also has some of the safest streets in Europe. The city’s crime index is 24,Continue Reading

A Benedictine monastery called Emmaus has been standing on a hill overlooking the city of Prague since 1348. Around the same time that the Black Death came to its doors, so did a mysterious book. The monk who delivered it said that if someone inquires as to its existence, it must be denied. If someone were to learn of its contents, that person must be killed. The Holy Roman Church could be undone by its secrets. Hidden in the monastery by an elderly translator, and lost after his death, the book has long been the subject of searches…first by two young monks in 1373, then by the Nazis in 1944, and finally by a beautiful professor and her graduate assistantContinue Reading

With the help of AI and our understanding of cityscapes around the globe, we’re rolling out our detailed street maps feature in more cities including Prague. You’ll be able to see highly detailed street information including where sidewalks, crosswalks and pedestrian islands are, along with the shape and width of a road to scale. This information can help pedestrians plan the most accommodating route, especially if they’re using a wheelchair or stroller. These details are also helpful as people are opting to walk or take other forms of solo transportation due to the pandemic. From the very beginning, we built Google Maps to help you connect with the real world. In 2007, we introduced Street View, the first imagery platformContinue Reading

Travelling is one of the best things that you can do in your life. It allows you to see new places, meet new people, and learn about different cultures. Travelling is also a great way to get out of your comfort zone and experience new things. While travelling, you may encounter different types of problems. For example, you may get lost while exploring a new city, or you may lose your passport or other important documents. You may also get sick while travelling, or experience a robbery or other crime. If you encounter any of these problems while travelling, it’s important to stay calm and try to find a solution. You can usually find help by contacting the local authoritiesContinue Reading

Manifesto will celebrate Masopust – a local carnival – with folklore music in costumes and traditional meals Manifesto Anděl is preparing a two-day celebration of the local carnival called Masopust. Visitors can enjoy a special program and menus from Friday, February 25th to Saturday, 26th. Quite well-known for the South American carnival vibes and lively dance waves that some of the restaurants bring on a regular basis to Manifesto, this time the happenings will highlight the Czech and Moravian traditions. On Friday, February 25, a cimbalom quartet will perform folklore music while wearing traditional embroidered costumes. During a two-hour performance by four musicians with violin, double bass, cimbalom and viol, anyone will be welcome to sing along. On Saturday, experiencedContinue Reading