Tesla has opened its first ever Tesla Center for the Czech Republic in the capital Prague, providing a holistic customer experience to Czech customers with Sales, Service and Delivery now all being united under one roof. Located at V Oblouku 727, Průhonice, the new Tesla Center provides close proximity to customers from Prague and surroundings. To reflect the ever-growing interest from the Czech market, Tesla now offers a spacious car showroom, a workshop as well as a dedicated delivery area. The inauguration of the new location follows on the heels of Tesla’s recent opening of three Czech Superchargers at the end of May, nearly doubling the country’s Tesla fast-charging network. The new Supercharger sites are located in Lovosice, Plzen and KamennýContinue Reading

ARENA of the Forman Brothers Theatre, theatre festival, new circus, music and contemporary visuals Prague, June 1, 2021 – The fourth open air festival ARENA of the Forman Brothers Theatre will take place from June 23 to July 3 in Prague. Compared to previous years, it will move a few meters further and become part of the newly reconstructed Smíchov embankment, where the ship Tajemství will also be moored. The Catalan ensemble Los Galindos will appear at the festival for the first time in the Czech Republic with a performance of UduL taking place in a traditional Mongolian yurt. Comeback especially for ARENA will take place in the form of the legendary Obludárium. Families with children can enjoy the HappyContinue Reading

Pasta Oner is back to Prague gallery after four years to beat the success of the Art is Truth exhibit in DSC Gallery 2017. The artist known for his mural arts around Czech Republic and pop-art cartoon aesthetic presents The 20th Century Cabinet solo exhibit in the spacious rooms of a historical villa in Prague 6. The exhibit is inspired by the nostalgia of the ‘golden 90s era’ and the passage to the new century of rapidly developing capitalism. Through his works Pasta Oner comments on the epoch of consumerism and modern society using the unique style, unambiguous symbolism and experimenting with various materials. The artist draws a parallel with a Cabinet of Curiosities (German Wunderkammer), the remarkable rare objectsContinue Reading

OBJECT:PARADISE, z.s., a Prague-based poetics collective, is celebrating the release of Covid restrictions with their first public event of the year on Saturday June 12th at one of Žižkov’s most iconic locations. The event, titled Excuse me, Žižkov, will incorporate readings in various languages, improvisations from local musicians, and spontaneous performances with the aim to celebrate not only the rich artistic scene in Žižkov, but also the reunification of people in the public space for a shared celebration of culture. The performance will be composed of both Czech & international residents and students, unified by the common goal to bring life back to the streets. Starting from 19:00 and lasting until 21:30, the event will take place at the historicContinue Reading