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Czech News in English image 35

Czech Firms Consumed 20% Less Gas Last Year

In the Czech Republic, businesses reduced their consumption of natural gas by nearly a fifth last year, totaling 4.61 billion cubic meters. The data, collected by the Czech Statistical Office (CSO) from companies with 20 or more employees, showed a 19.6% decrease in natural gas consumption compared to the previous year. This decline was notably influenced by the geopolitical situation and the resulting surge in market gas prices, triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in late February last year. Across

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Ukrainian Man Arrested After Putting a Firecracker in his Wife’s Vigina. She Suffered Severe Injuries When the Firecracker Exploded.

A young Ukrainian man is facing charges of severe bodily harm after a violent assault that left his wife seriously injured at a residential hotel in Kožlany, Plzeň Region, on Saturday night. Lenka Kocurová, the head of the Plzeň District Prosecutor’s Office, confirmed these charges to the news agency on Tuesday, with the foreigner potentially facing up to ten years in prison for the attack. The victim, who was hospitalized with severe genital injuries, appears to have been harmed by

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Survey: Half of Czechs Think the Country is Incapable of Defending Itself

A recent survey conducted by the Centre for Public Opinion Research (CVVM) reveals that the majority of Czech citizens remain committed to the idea of defending their state’s sovereignty at any cost. However, over half of the population harbors doubts about the country’s capability to protect itself in the event of a conflict. This skepticism marks a significant shift from last year, with 40% of respondents expressing confidence in the country’s defense abilities, a notable 13-point increase. In line with

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Ukraine is Coming Under Pressure From the West. It Has to Comply with Conditions Over Arms Supplies

The current format of unrestricted military support for Ukraine, including critical ammunition, weaponry, tanks, and armored vehicles, appears to be drawing to a close. To continue receiving military aid from Western allies, Kyiv must adhere to specific conditions set by Ukraine’s supporters. These conditions encompass implementing state reforms and anti-corruption measures. The conflict in Ukraine has persisted for over a year and a half, with the much-anticipated success of the Ukrainian counter-offensive, launched at the beginning of June, still elusive

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Čaputová Entrusted Fico to Form the New Government. He Has 14 Days to Complete it

President Čaputová of Slovakia assigned the task of assembling a new Slovak government to Robert Fico, the leader of the winning party, Směr-Social Democracy. He has a two-week deadline to form the cabinet. Směr secured victory in the election with 22.94 percent of the vote. Fico will also hold discussions with Michal Šimečka, the leader of Progressive Slovakia, and Peter Pellegrini, the head of the Voice party. The Head of State expressed gratitude to all participants in the elections, emphasizing

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Czech Universities Will Receive an Extra CZK 1.3 Billion Next Year

Universities, which have historically faced financial constraints as acknowledged by the Education Ministry, are set to receive a minimum of CZK 1.3 billion more next year compared to the initial budget proposal. This boost in funding is accompanied by a planned alteration in the financing approach, aimed at enhancing their long-term sustainability. Radka Wildová, the head of the ministerial division overseeing higher education, science, and research, made this announcement during a Senate public hearing on Monday. According to Wildová, the

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