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Czech News in English image 35

Ukraine is Coming Under Pressure From the West. It Has to Comply with Conditions Over Arms Supplies

The current format of unrestricted military support for Ukraine, including critical ammunition, weaponry, tanks, and armored vehicles, appears to be drawing to a close. To continue receiving military aid from Western allies, Kyiv must adhere to specific conditions set by Ukraine’s supporters. These conditions encompass implementing state reforms and anti-corruption measures. The conflict in Ukraine has persisted for over a year and a half, with the much-anticipated success of the Ukrainian counter-offensive, launched at the beginning of June, still elusive

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Čaputová Entrusted Fico to Form the New Government. He Has 14 Days to Complete it

President Čaputová of Slovakia assigned the task of assembling a new Slovak government to Robert Fico, the leader of the winning party, Směr-Social Democracy. He has a two-week deadline to form the cabinet. Směr secured victory in the election with 22.94 percent of the vote. Fico will also hold discussions with Michal Šimečka, the leader of Progressive Slovakia, and Peter Pellegrini, the head of the Voice party. The Head of State expressed gratitude to all participants in the elections, emphasizing

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Czech Universities Will Receive an Extra CZK 1.3 Billion Next Year

Universities, which have historically faced financial constraints as acknowledged by the Education Ministry, are set to receive a minimum of CZK 1.3 billion more next year compared to the initial budget proposal. This boost in funding is accompanied by a planned alteration in the financing approach, aimed at enhancing their long-term sustainability. Radka Wildová, the head of the ministerial division overseeing higher education, science, and research, made this announcement during a Senate public hearing on Monday. According to Wildová, the

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Czech News in English image 38

Fico: Force Will Be Needed to Tackle Migrant Problem

Robert Fico, the leader of the victorious Smer-Social Democracy party, has expressed his intention to vie for the position of prime minister should he receive the mandate to establish a new governing coalition. In his first statement after securing nearly 23 percent of the vote in the recent snap election, Fico declared, “Until then, there is no point in negotiating with anyone.” He also touched upon the issue of migration, advocating for the immediate implementation of border controls at the

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Every Fifth University Student in Czechia is a Foreigner. Half of Them Want to Stay here.

The number of foreign students at Czech universities has experienced a remarkable surge since the turn of the millennium. These students predominantly cite their appreciation for the quality of education and the abundant opportunities for a vibrant student life in the country. However, they also express certain reservations about the high cost of living, the relatively limited income prospects, and the linguistic challenges associated with mastering the Czech language. Olivia Dimitrisina, an exemplar of this trend, made a conscious choice

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The Cost of Czech Electricity May Rise by 10% Next Year

Electricity costs for Czech consumers could potentially rise next year, with a maximum increase of up to 10 percent. However, it is believed that any price hike will likely be moderate, and there is a possibility that prices might remain stable, albeit to a small extent. The main reason behind this potential price increase is the shifting of a portion of the fee for renewable energy sources back to consumers, effectively reversing the reduction in energy costs observed this year.

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