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Czech News in English image 35

Russia Obtained Helicopter Parts Made in the Czech Republic Even During the War, Ukrainian Newspaper Claims

The key components, essential for Russian Mi-8 military helicopters and manufactured by Czech company První brněnská strojírna (PBS) Velká Bíteš, reportedly reached Russia through intermediary companies in Kazakhstan and India following the commencement of the Ukrainian invasion. The Ukrainian news source relies on data from the NGO State Watch, suggesting that the Czech firm may have violated European Union sanctions imposed against Russia. PBS Velká Bíteš denies the accusations, asserting that the Indian and Kazakh companies purchasing their power units

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Czech Army is Preparing for a Black Scenario. A War with a Nuclear-Armed Adversary

The Chief of the General Staff of the Czech Army, Karel Rehka, has informed commanders that the Czech army is preparing for a worst-case scenario, specifically a war involving nuclear weapons. He emphasized that relying on perpetual peace is not realistic and highlighted the growing potential for global escalation. Rehka mentioned that the Czech Republic’s membership in NATO is a significant advantage, and in the event of a conflict, the country would actively participate in defense. Rehka also addressed the

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Germany Seeks Skilled Workers from Africa with Focus on Collaboration and Return Plans

Germany aims to attract skilled workers from Africa with the promise of a future, while simultaneously emphasizing the importance of smooth deportations for those who do not meet the criteria. Chancellor Olaf Scholz shared this dual perspective during the G20 Investment Summit in Berlin, highlighting Germany’s interest in fostering economic cooperation with African nations. He acknowledged the substantial workforce in many African countries and the corresponding need for foreign workers in Germany due to its aging population. The chancellor highlighted

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Inflation in the European Union Fell to 3.6 % in October, the Czech Republic’s Second Highest

In October, the inflation rate within the European Union decreased to 3.6%, as reported by Eurostat on Friday. Among the 27 countries, the Czech Republic experienced the second-highest inflation at 9.5%, while Hungary led with the highest inflation rate of 9.6%. The Czech Statistical Office revealed that the annual inflation in the Czech Republic for October was 8.5%. Analysts noted that this figure was elevated due to the influence of a cost-saving electricity tariff in the previous October. They anticipate

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Instagram Launched Paid Subscriptions for Czech Users for 240 CZK

Meta Platforms, the American internet company, is gradually introducing Instagram and Facebook subscriptions across Europe. Starting this week, residents in the Czech Republic can now avail themselves of these services. While free access remains an option, it will include advertisements. The primary distinction between paid and free access lies in the display of advertising. Subscribers paying a monthly fee will no longer encounter ads on the platform. The subscription cost varies based on the platform through which users access the

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Fifteen-Year-Old Boy Shot a Classmate in the Head at a German School

In South-West Germany’s Offenburg, a 15-year-old boy fatally shot his classmate in the head at a school, succumbing to serious injuries later in the hospital. The German police, reporting on Thursday, disclosed that the suspected student had been apprehended. The motive for the attack is believed to stem from a personal dispute, according to preliminary investigations. According to information from the Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper’s website, the minor entered a classroom and intentionally approached a same-aged classmate, firing at least one

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Rammstein is Coming to Prague in 2024

Rammstein is set to make a triumphant return to Prague in 2024 as part of their upcoming Europe Stadium Tour. This visit marks their first performance in the city since



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